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Professor Lock

Teaches at Athletic Garage Dance & BodyWork Studio

Professor Lock (SYTYCD 8, Madonna, Rennie Harris Pure Movement) founding member of the Hood Lockers, has travels the world teaching hip hop dance in a way that empowers his students to become solid dancers, who are able to freestyle, choreograph and show their identity and voice as a dancer. He also brings to the table his ability to proficiently perform and properly all styles of Hip Hop dance from breaking all the way to Modern Styles of Hip Hop. Professor Lock teaches foundation, vocabulary and choreography in All Styles, to give the dancer a wide variety of movements to choose from in his or her dance. He is constantly challenging his dance personally, by actively competing and winning battles across the globe, such as: KOD 8/Beijing, UK Champs/London & Hip Hop International/USA just to name a few. A message he wants everyone to know is "We Dance how we live, so live indubitably!".

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