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Amira Luna

Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

Amira Luna is a multidimensional Celestial Healer that has experienced liberation of her entire Being through many different Ancient Healing Wisdoms & Cultures from around the world. She is now a dedicated healer serving human animal & plant life through many practices: divined, intuitioned with each individual. 

Writer, Poet, Author, Dancer, Musician, TV Personality, Designer, Gourmet Chef of many Cuisines, Amira did not dedicate her life fully to as a Healer until her calling came to heal herself of cervical cancer right here in LA in 2008. After a fast & miraculous transformational journey, completely healing her cancer in just three months, she surrendered fully to her calling & has since been flown around the World empowering others with the knowledge of how to completely heal themselves, fully, of every possible disease imaginable. 

To live simply, to sleep plenty, to eat magnificent living foods, to practice hot yoga, to pray often, to dance daily, to sing joyfully & shine brilliantly!

Favourite Mantra:
Feed your Faith & Doubt will Starve to Death.

Amira Luna is to date certified & practicing:
Gourmet raw food chef * Super Foods alchemist * Whole Foods
Mineral supplementation * Detox protocols * Rebuilding & rejuvenation of the entire body & cellular structure * Chi Nei Tsang * Karsai Nei Tsang * Ma Xing * Yoga * Meditation * Divine energy healing * Quantum & Cosmic Healing

Graduated with a Masters degree with Honours from Cambridge University, England, in English, Psychology & Philosophy. Trained, studied & apprenticed with the following Masters in their acumen & specialised fields and was blessed to have interviewed and lived with most of them at different times in my life in the last 10 years:

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