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Lucy Liao

Teaches at North America Chinese Education Center

I am a native Chinese. I have previously studied in Yerevan State University in Armenia, Major Economic. I started to teach Chinese since I was in College. 10 years experience as Chinese teacher. I have two students who studied in Beijing Renmin University, and two students currently studying in Shanghai University. Now I have my own school called North America Chinese Education Center located in Van Nuys, where I teach all levels of Chinese. I teach about China and Chinese culture, daily conversation, Business situations, Chinese slang, culture, and customs. I also help to pass HSK Test (Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi). It is a Chinese proficiency test, pass the 4th or higher level; you will be able to go to China to study with full or half scholarship. For kids group I always make sure the kids enjoy the classes, we start from the basic stocks, and Pinyin. During the class I also teach Chinese Songs, Chinese Culture, Stories, and Chinese Organic.

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