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Wendi Morrison

Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

A natural born shaman, Wendi Morrison, CCT was an early initiate of TM (Transcendental Meditation a form of Hinduism) in her childhood home of Hawaii circa 1969. Wendi was writing songs and performing for audiences by the age of 12, along with lead roles in musical theater productions. She also began her earliest experiences with inter-dimensionalism through a traumatic experience at age 4. Her foundation as a Indigo,Vegan/Lyran Starseed/Yellow Overtone Warrior/Activation Portal/ Gridkeeper was developed through an eclectic study emphasis. With a special attention to propaganda and programming, Wendi has a stellium of Virgo in the 12th house of her birth chart giving her extraordinary abilities to perceive all things hidden, subconscious and inter-dimensional. 

A targeted mkultra through an mkultra mother, she overrode the programming and has spent over 30 years sharing the insight in her music, poetry and songs. A graduate of World Healing Energy Institute of Arts & Sciences: Louahn Lowe 04-06; the Arcturian instructed: New Era Institute 94-2000: Wendy Sola Danner; Certified Crystal Therapist: Ashley Leavy’s Love & Light Healing School and Graduate of Healing Sounds: instructor Jonathan Goldman; along with courses in Ethics, Spiritual Leadership and Energy Psychology at Energy Medicine University, Mill Valley, CA. Wendi practices what she calls "Radical Healing" specializing in multi-dimensional timeline shifting, energy parasite removal, soul retrieval, essence alignment, D.N.A./R.N.A. activation and chakra balancing. Infusing Jungian Psychology, Alchemy and Quantum Physics with Crystal Sound Healing using Solfeggio Frequencies, Mayan Human Design, Galactic Human Origins, Astrology and Tarot practices; added to clairaudient and empathic skills, Wendi is able to reach beyond the standard Chakra Balancing, with an acute understanding of energy and how it affects every part of our being. 

Distance Healing, Akashic Record retrieval and Shamanic Detox Journeys are also areas of experience including the Paranormal. Ordained Minister, Church of Spiritual Humanism; member of The Society for Shamanic Practitioners, Sound Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association. From our own electrical circuitry and how it's being impacted by the influx of cosmic rays, to energy parasites that ride in on our energy and siphon our life force; infecting us with their negative attitudes and impulses, this is where most dis-ease begins. The vital importance of energy removal in the evolutionary process of aligning with our essence; retrieving the soul from a lifetime of enslaved programming and activating dormant D.N.A./R.N.A. strands, will ultimately elevate humanity's frequency from a 3D reality to the multi-dimensional one the Creator intended.