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Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

Morgan is an Animal Communicator. She is an animal activist and intuitive, working on behalf of animals since she was a young girl. She offers consultations with your animal; a deep communication that is very spiritual in nature, as this is her specialty. Using the skilled technique of telepathy and intuition to gather information, she discovers who your animal is on the soul level. The communication comes through as thoughts, feelings, dialogue from the animal, visuals, sensations in the body, and even tastes and smells come her way. She works with her clients to aid in the death and dying process, past lives, and behavioral and physical issues of your animal. Her goal is to help people understand their animals in order to deepen bonds. Our beloved animals come into our lives to take us back to the root of ourselves, or take us exactly where we need to go. They choose us as we choose them. Their presence is a gift and their boundless love is our greatest teacher. Morgan is a trained Animal Communicator, having studied at the renowned, Gurney Institute of Animal Communication since 2014.