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Kei Okubo & Lili Reyes

Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

The instructor for this course is Kei Okubo. She is a personal student of Master Co and was also taught by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui between 2001 and 2007 in India, Malaysia and the US. She teaches MCKS Pranic Healing in California, Nevada, New Mexico, the Republic of China, China and Japan. She has taught Superbrain Yoga® at two of the Riverside County Department of Mental Health’s, Youth Anti-Stigma Awareness Conferences to 17 of the 23 county’s unified school district’s school counselors, teachers, and nurses. She taught Autism: Superbrain Yoga® at California Baptist University to licensed health care professionals at the 34th Annual Children’s Conference and to other professional groups and organizations. 

Lili Reyes is the apprentice to Kei Okubo and will be assisting during this course. Lili’s desire is to assist as many people as she can reach their life’s fulfillment by the ancient art and science techniques of Pranic Healing, a no-touch energy healing modality that harnesses life force energy (also known as chi and prana) to heal physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Remove traumas, phobias, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and the list goes on! When we understand that everything is energy and that energy can be shifted and changed, we can ultimately shift and change our lives. For Lili, Pranic Healing is a Godsend and she witnesses miracles small and large every day when she applies these ancient techniques.

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