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Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

As a multidimensional healer, Doreene has been using her spiritual gifts since her youth. A child of Jamaican immigrants, Doreene was raised in a household where she was allowed to explore her gifts as a clairvoyant and a clairaudient. Her studies in tarot and numerology came soon after. Doreene was considered the original caller ID as she was able to tell her Mom who was calling before she answered the phone!

Doreene is a certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master in Usui, Tibetan and Chikara-Rei-ki-Do, Certified Angel Team Healer, Pranic Healer, Certified Soul Processor and an Access Bars Facilitator. To her, this just means she is channel for Divine Light and Love. In her Celestial Soul Reconstruction sessions, Doreene combines tarot with healing to remove blocks, beliefs, curses, fears, karmic debt, entities, extraterrestrials and other things keeping her clients from their highest good. She then realigns and reprograms clients for the blessings they deserve. She is an amazing multi-faceted healer, helping people transform and heal at the deepest level.

Doreene has a funny and warm personality that delights everyone she meets. As a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader and Healer, she speaks directly to the soul and replenishes people with pure love. Through angels, guides, teachers and ancestors, she brings forth not only the answers to clients’ questions, but messages they need to hear. Her goal is to teach people how to manifest the things in their lives they have not only dreamed of having, but also the abundant blessings they truly deserve!