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David Huey

Teaches at Los Angeles City College

General Manager & Instructor: Muay Thai America Gym § Certified Instructor by Kru Surapuk Jamjuntr § Certified Judge and Referee / World Muay Thai Council by Dr. Saechai Tsepsuwan § Certified Judge and Referee / WBC Muay Thai by Professor Anek Hongtongkam § Trainer of WBC, IKKC, IMTC, IKBA Champion Baxter ‘the One-Armed Bandit’ Humby § 15+ years experience Muay Thai Related Experience § Board of Directors World Muay Thai Council of America § Board of Directors for the IFS International Fight Showdown § MC and TV Expert Commentator: § 20 years experience Chinese Boxing § Sanda fight record 5-1-4 § Author: Spearplay: King of Kung fu Weapons published by Unique Publications

Reviews of David Huey

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Muay Thai/Thai Boxing


Attended: Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

Great class! Instructors were very helpful. It was a little hard to keep up at first but if you keep practicing you’ll catch on quickly. You get what you put into it and all the coaches are very helpful!

Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

Earnest J.

Attended: Muay Thai/Thai Boxing

The class was run very efficiently and the instructors were interested in the growth of each member. I will continue to take this class.