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Arista Ilona

Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

As a Mom-prenuer, Postpartum Doula, and certified Kundalini-Dance Empowerment Coach, Arista Ilonas mission is to empower mothers by transforming the way they experience postpartum & motherhood. She encourages you to honor your rebirth through awakening self-love in motherhood. Arista’s approach is unique as it allows women to fully accept and embody their new role as a mother by shedding "perfection". Through her services, she creates a sacred experience that blends ancestral traditions, releasing exercises and deep listening! Women access the magic in forgiving birth traumas and transmute limiting beliefs.

Arista is known for her grace, positivity and authentic expression which provides others with feeling “at home” and she is committed to building her online community of Empowered Mamas that come together to support one another through the ups and downs of the emotional tides motherhood brings. After overcoming years of emotional trauma, a lack of self-love, judgement & doubt. Arista has become a believer in her intuitive insight and the power of honoring your truth as the foundation for transformational living.

She believes as a mother, we have the opportunity of remembrance… Self-love is not to be forgotten or feel “guilty” about but rather integrated with rituals and tools. Arista supports women in learning these practices and transformational tools that are accessible as part of their day to day which results in an Empowered sense of self, birthing, the EMPOWERED MOTHER who unapologetically follows her truth.

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