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Alec Figueroa

Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

Alec is an entrepreneur, spiritual enthusiast, teacher, creator, and massive nerd. Here's a snippet of his story:

When Alec was young he saw many things most do not. He grew up with the ultimate understanding that our natural reality was not the full picture, and in 2009 his desire to unlock the mysteries of reality was fully unleashed. He then spent the next 9 years on a rocketship, learning more than I could say with words. The past 3 years have been especially otherworldly, and he can easily say we as a global community are aware of only a very tiny amount of what reality is and what is possible.

Among his endeavors are an intuition training app, a youtube channel where he’s spearheading research in the mind’s eye, and most recently he’s begun to teach on things that he’s have uncovered on his journey.

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