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Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

Sahar is a certified Sound Practitioner residing in Los Angeles. She uses the vibrations and frequencies of planetary tuned and Dark Star Gongs, Perfect Pitch 432-440 Hz finely tune crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and high frequency angel tuners to shift your brain and body to into a deep meditative state while enveloped in vibrational sounds. Allowing the body to repair and restore itself by slowing down the brainwaves and simultaneously shifting every cell in the body from diseased to a state of ease.

Sahar is passionate about using Sound Therapy as a way for body to heal itself along with other holistic modalities, plant based nutrition, meditation, high frequency tuning and aromatherapy for physical, emotional, spiritual expansion and growth. She believes the source of self-healing, transformation and creation for all human beings comes from the power of connecting to the divine within.

" What I love about the way in which this Goddess facilitates, is that she gives her all. Every ounce of her heartland every bit of information/healing modality that she has experienced as beneficial. Truly radiating the truth that in Being of service to ourselves we are able to be of the best service to others." -Celeste McMillian