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Teaches at Liberate Hollywood

Being our best selves — the healthiest, happiest, most confident and fulfilled we can be — takes focusing on our whole selves: mind, body and spirit. The three are perfectly interconnected. And when our energy is circulating properly throughout, we feel relaxed and balanced. That’s why my approach to healing and wellness uses combinations of different modalities, including body work and movement, meditation and mindfulness practices, cellular memory healing and past life regression.

I believe that true healing requires identifying and addressing the source of stress or pain, not just managing symptoms. Drawing on my own deeply personal experiences and establishing a trusting relationship with each client, I help them search for the source. The result: you can release subconscious blocks, optimize your wellness and learn to live with a sense of clarity, peace, self-acceptance and love. You will achieve a new awareness of the truth of who you really are.

Skills, Training & Qualifications:

  • Certified Pilates Teacher. For six years I’ve worked alongside doctors, applying techniques to heal injury, prevent new injury and re-balance the body.
  • Certified in Past Life Regression. After training with Mira Kelley, I help patients examine the experiences at the root of their current fears and phobias, unlocking hidden talents and creating compassion and love for themselves and others.
  • Certified Akashic Reader. I use a range of tools, from Pilates, Yoga Tune Up, breath work and experience from my own injuries.