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David Huey & Kru Santi Sakkomkai

Teaches at Los Angeles City College

General Manager & Instructor: Muay Thai America Gym § Certified Instructor by Kru Surapuk Jamjuntr § Certified Judge and Referee / World Muay Thai Council by Dr. Saechai Tsepsuwan § Certified Judge and Referee / WBC Muay Thai by Professor Anek Hongtongkam § Trainer of WBC, IKKC, IMTC, IKBA Champion Baxter ‘the One-Armed Bandit’ Humby § 15+ years experience Muay Thai Related Experience § Board of Directors World Muay Thai Council of America § Board of Directors for the IFS International Fight Showdown § MC and TV Expert Commentator: § 20 years experience Chinese Boxing § Sanda fight record 5-1-4 § Author: Spearplay: King of Kung fu Weapons published by Unique Publications

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