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Reviews of Ann Wood

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Botanical Specimens 102

Sascha C.

Attended: Botanical Specimens 102

This class was amazing! I took the Botanical Specimens 101 class and absolutely loved it and this one took what we learned in that class to a whole new level. We incorporated a lot of the things from the 101 class into this class; however, if you aren't able to take the 101 you could still easily jump into the 102 class. The French General Store is a wonderful atmosphere to learn in and a source of inspiration where ever one looks. Kari is the ultimate hostess and her easy going and genially attitude infuse the store with warmth and joy. Ann Woods is an amazing teacher. She is patient, kind, funny and is excellent in providing instruction no matter how many times it is needed. If you have a chance to take a class at French General do so and if you get into a class with Ann Woods I would highly advise it. I look forward to coming back to many more classes at this wonderful little store.

Botanical Specimens 101

Sascha C.

Attended: Botanical Specimens 101

I absolutely loved this class!!! I had no idea that the French General, a real gem, was basically right in my backyard. Kari, the owner and host of the class, was such a joy and the ultimate hostess. She created a warm and intimate classroom right inside her store. She had everything that a participant needed and she even curated a beautiful lunch and afternoon spread. Ann Woods, the teacher of the workshop, was equally as amazing. She was patient, funny and encouraging of every student. The instructions and guidance that she provided were perfect. I can't wait to take more classes at French General including more of Ann Woods and her workshops!