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James Bonnet's Storymaking

James Bonnet's Storymaking

Studio City, Studio City, California
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There are six billion people in the world with a desperate need for real stories which isn't being met. The great myths, legends and fairy tales of the past, which really could change people's lives, made an important psychological connection, revealed an important hidden truth, and were as critical to our well-being as fresh air. They were also extremely entertaining and they are not being replaced. The majority of new stories being produced today in all media have very little power and are almost completely devoid of meaning. And they aren't really that entertaining. The magic and wisdom which the old great stories contained is missing. The few exceptions become instant, super hits. 

The books and new story seminars being developed by James Bonnet for Astoria Filmwrights are designed to help writers and filmmakers fully understand the secrets hidden in great stories so they can master their craft, establish reliable careers, and enjoy a meaningful success while meeting the public's real story needs. 

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12825 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, California 91604
James Bonnet's Storymaking
Studio City, The Valley
12825 Ventura Blvd.
At Coldwater Canyon Ave
Studio City, California 91604

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