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Rising Star Musical Theatre Troupe

Rising Star Musical Theatre Troupe

Studio City, Studio City, California
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Rising Star Children’s Musical Theatre Troupe is a non-profit organization striving to raise the bar in the realm of children's musical theatre workshops.  We offer interested children an opportunity to participate in all aspects of a musical theatre production that includes a wide variety of performance disciplines culminating in a performance in a professional venue.  We aspire to allow the children a place to grow as performers and as a people, develop new and lasting friendships, and discover new levels of self-confidence.

Our instructors are highly qualified teachers dedicated to making this experience joyful and enriching for the kids.  They bring to the organization a  varied background in many creative disciplines, boasting over a century of experience in professional theatre, television, film, and the recording arts.

Rising Star productions are exciting and even though we are all about “the kids”, everyone has a great time learning and working to create the shows.

Rising Star Musical Theatre Troupe is the beautiful manifestation of a dream by Beth Meurer.  In 2006 this incredible organization began as a tlny, local, nonprofit group for children who want to explore the musical theatre world.  We put together our first full production, Oklahoma!.  Over the next few years my Board of directors grew, my staff changed somewhat, and Rising Star kept growing and changing.   

Today, 2018, I am the musical and performance director, Brenda Parise is our choreographer and co-director, and Cynthia Helmerich is our Stage Manager and director of both Tiny Stars and Little Stars.  Our board of directors now includes Brenda Parise, Debra Schommer-Klein, Cynthia Helmerich, and me, Beth Meurer.

In 2019 our goal is to move Rising Star into our own space.  We are raising funds to purchase a property and build a theatrical space. This will move Rising Star into a new category of children's productions and Performing Arts .


What is Rising Star Children's Musical Theatre Troupe?

Rising Star is a performance based theater program for students ages 5-16. RS provides the unique opportunity for aspiring young actors to be in a musical cast only with children.

Where and when do the rehearsals and shows take place?

RS rehearses at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City, 12355 Moorpark St., 91604 and each production culminates with performances at a professional theatre venue either in North Hollywood or Burbank.

How many performers are accepted into the cast?

We are looking for 10 - 25 young performers, actors and singers. Depending on which program your child is participating in.

What is the age range of children who are auditioning?

The age range is 5 - 16.

What do I need to prepare for the audition?

You need to prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theater song that shows off your personality and vocal ability. Bring an accompaniment CD. You will also be asked to read a monologue or short scene. You may also be asked to do a dance audition. 

Do I need theater experience to audition?

Not necessarily. We are looking for young artists who can sing and act, and who love to perform. This does not mean you need to have tons of experience; it means you need to have the desire to learn and work hard.

Is my child guaranteed a leading role in the show ?

The short answer? No. We can not promise that anyone will be cast in a leading role. We do however, have a RS policy: Any child who is cast in a big role is not eligible for a big role in the next show they are in. That means, if you decide not to participate in our next production, you still will not be eligible to have the big role in the next show you participate in. As with every RS program, we believe that every actor — regardless of the "size" of their part — deserves a moment to shine.  We work hard to give everyone their moment.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

In RS everyone is accepted up to our maximum.  The best way to guarantee that you are cast is to enroll early.  Once you have enrolled you will be sent a registration packet to complete that will contain all the information you need to participate.

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12355 Moorpark St., Studio City, California 91604
Rising Star Musical Theatre Troupe
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12355 Moorpark St.
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