It was fun and a great team builder!
Lauren D.
Thank you for making this event happen! My coworkers had a wonderful time!
Ben C.
It was great! Kate was an outstanding host. The team really enjoyed themselves.
Melissa E.
The host Andrew was great
Christina M.
Our host Ashlynn was great. Everyone shared how much they enjoyed themselves after. It was a really fun time.
Pam S.
Everyone had a good time. We enjoyed Lauren as our host.
Emily H.
It was a lot of fun the host was great and tried keeping everyone involved
Sophie F.
The hosts were very engaging and the trivia was hard! Our team had a great time. Thank you!
Gina H.
it is fun! a great way to connect virtually
Maite D.
We have had 2 events and both have been great and everybody has a blast!