Fransisca R.
We loved it and it was fun. Host was awesome.
Ronda K.
We had a blast!” Great experience to build positive workplace culture!
Shen M
Our team participated in Gameshow Bingo and it was so much fun! Our moderator kept it lively and we all laughed right through the entire experience. It’s an easy game to play but still fun with some challenging questions. Plus you get the opportunity to talk and laugh with your teammates. I defiantly recommend Bingo if you are looking for an easy way to have fun with your team!
Rebecca B.
The virtual gameshow bingo was fast-moving and fun. The host kept us on our toes! It was a way to get our team in a loose, comfortable atmosphere where we could compete in a friendly, non-threatening way. We are a competitive bunch and we like this kind of activity that combines knowledge, luck, and skill. Also, we enjoyed the fact that the online format allowed our remote work colleagues to join in. We will continue to sign up for CourseHorse events.
Laurie S.
Yes for our Department meeting last year we did the virtual Bingo game. We had a blast!! Our team is made up of people in all different cities in Michigan. The virtual Bingo was a perfect way for us to connect and have fun in the process! Thank you so much!!
Jasmin H.
Engaging game show host, funny video clips and a great way to promote team building and employee comradery. Our group thoroughly enjoyed this activity and it’s unique concept, and we look forward to future sessions with CourseHorse!
Brenda T.
Everyone had a really great time - James was very engaging and brought a lot of fun to the activity - looking forward to having him host again at our next virtual event!
Maureen B.
We all loved it, thanks
Sierra B.
It was great! Worked out well, and was easy! Thanks again!
Jennifer N.
It was so nice to have someone outside of our group host so that we could all enjoy ourselves. Lots of laughs.