Michelle M.
My team had a great time!
Ericson A.
Everything went well! Aimee was a great host! Thank you for everything!
Hannah H.
It was really great! We had a lot of comments afterward like: "that was SO fun and such a great team-building activity - favorite zoom thing in 2020!!!!! (and I've had a lot of zoom things in 2020!)"
Masha W.
We had a great time, Aimee was a fantastic instructor! I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others
Becky H.
Aimee was incredible and went above and beyond to get people supplies or bubble tea if there were any delays. She was a gem! The kits were amazing tool! I know shipping is not always reliable BUT the offerings that include kits are a DREAM. It takes a lot of work off of my plate because usually I would be putting together deliveries of all the ingredients for 20 people!