Susan S.
Hello, thank you very much! We had a great time and I will recommend the class to others.
Chris S.
It was great! Carolyn was awesome and held a great conversation with the team throughout!
Matthew M.
Was great. Thank you for your help!
Michelle A.
We had a great time doing something other than work! Thank you!! : )
Diane D.
My team had a great time and really enjoyed it!
Antonio C.
The chef was great and very well organized. It was a very nice change of pace and I would recommend the service to family and friends.
Jessica K.
We had a blast, it was a really fun and interactive course and everyone enjoyed the time. Thank You so much for providing this opportunity.
Ian L.
We had SO much and our host Carolyn was outstanding. My team really appreciated it and it was great to get to unwind together. The company did a great job of sending out all the ingredients in a super timely fashion and Carolyn was on time, patient, and extremely engaging. "
Heather S.
The class was great fun, Eve was very attentive and professional, we all had a great time!
Joanne W.
It was great! Eve was fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable. I heard great feedback from the rest of my team as well