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NYC In-Person: Board Game Battle


Pogo Events

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Location Office/Home Only,
Price $30 per person 
Duration 2 hours
Group Size Up to 60 ppl
Note: Group size can be changed after booking if needed. See Details.
Recommended For Out of the Box, Relax and De-stress, Competitive Types


Event Description: 

In the ultimate smack down of board game dominance, teams compete in 20 minute versions of Taboo, Scattegories, and Pictionary. After each round, teams are knocked out and put into a group game of either Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. The last two teams compete in in a sudden death round of Jenga. Winning team takes all!

Event Itinerary: 

  1. In Round One, teams of two compete against each other in a 20-minute version of the classic party game, Taboo. Teams accrue points in this round. At the end of the round, points are tabulated and a handful of the lowest-scoring teams are eliminated from the Battle. The remaining teams are paired up for round two.
  2. In Round Two, teams of two compete against each other in a 20-minute version of the game-night favorite, Pictionary. (Higher-scoring teams will play other higher-scoring teams, and lower-scoring teams will play other lower-scoring teams.) Winning teams of each battle will automatically move on to round three.
  3. In Round Three, remaining teams of two spend the next 15 minutes competing against each other in two rounds of Scattegories. In Scattegories, players are all given the same letter of the alphabet and must individually come up with words that fall under specific categories that begin with that letter. Teams accrue points for each word they match with each other -- but if another team has listed the same word, nobody scores the point! At the end of the round, the two teams with the highest points move on to the final round.
  4. In the Final Round, the remaining two teams face off in the ultimate Jenga battle.

About the Instructor: 

Our coordinators LOVE what they do and it shows! Their goal is to make sure you and your team have a fun, interactive and bonding experience!

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What others have said about this event

Board Game Battle was real fun. My office loved it. The only thing I think that's worth mentioning is that on the listing there was an option for Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. Because we are an office space we preferred Apples to Apples, but they forgot to bring that game.