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Team Cooking: Dumplings

  • Live professional host
Vetted Local Provider (4.6-star rating across 736 reviews)
Location Sunset Park, 274 36th St
Price $125 per person 
Duration Up to 2 hours & 30 minutes
Group Size Up to 30 people
Materials None required
Limited Time Promotion: FREE $30 CourseHorse Gift Card for each event participant! How it Works


Event Description: 

Who doesn't love a dumpling? In this hands-on workshop, students will master the filling, folding and frying of two types of dumplings. Ideal for enhancing team communication and cooperation, dumplings unite people in their common love of stuffed carbs. Students will make two types of dumplings from scratch, utilizing two different cooking methods, and enjoy a handmade cabbage slaw. Each student will get to take home a jar of their very own dipping sauce to amaze their friends and family!

Event Itinerary: 

  1. As guests arrive, they are greeted with refreshments and seasonal snacks.
  2. Our chef instructor will make introductions, and break the ice with your team!
  3. We'll break into groups to learn the techniques of filling, folding, and cooking dumplings, as well as making a well-seasoned salad.
  4. Throughout the event, participants may make their own dipping sauces for their dumplings at home!

What You Will Make / Go Home With: 


  • Pork gyoza
  • Veggie mandoo
  • Cabbage scallion salad
  • Custom dipping sauce

About the Instructor: 

Our chef instructors are veterans of top restaurants and catering outfits, but they have chosen to focus on teaching home cooks. They are knowledgeable, patient, kind, funny and really good at making sure students don't lose any fingers!

Cancellation Policy

No Cancellations or Refunds: This provider does not offer a full refund for a cancellation in any case. If you can no longer commit to the event, we will work with the provider to try to secure a portion of your funds back, but in most cases you will not be refunded at all.

Changes Policy:

Flexible: You will be able to make changes to your group size up until 72 hours as long as you meet the provider minimum. You will also have up until this period to make additional accommodations for the event

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Reviews of This Event

(4.7-star rating across 15 reviews)
Amanda L.
Perfect venue, perfect guests! So much fun - I will absolutely be back.
Charles de C.
Nicholas S.
Joe S.
Larry T.
Great place,class,and instructor.
Luke B.
Larry T.
Jake S.
Alex R.