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George Whittam

Teaches at Edge Studio Voice Actor Casting & School

George Whittam is globally considered a top authority in voice over recording technology. He has invested thousands of hours researching studio design, recording equipment, and creating training materials for voice actors. In so doing, he has also become an industry innovator by developing specialized services that cater exclusively to voice over professionals.
George was introduced to the world of voice over through a producer at the radio station where he worked, who asked the station’s engineer to help him build a home studio in New York City. George came along to assist. George later moved to Los Angeles and furthered his already diverse experience by working on over 15 film projects in 3 years as a sound mixer and boom operator.
From a handful of satisfied clients, George built a business that works solely with voice over studios and clients. His extensive knowledge of computers, software and equipment, as well as his expert troubleshooting abilities make him an indispensable on-call technician.

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