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Chef Kelly Sears

Teaches at Marcel's Culinary Experience

Dry mix, water, and a light bulb. Kelly began cooking under 40 watts of power with the Easy Bake Oven; her poor parents ate more than their share of “delicacies” baked under a light bulb. Moving beyond the light bulb, she graduated from the College of DuPage culinary program and continued her education. In the kitchen, Kelly’s goal is to provide an environment in which students can experiment, create, learn culinary techniques, share recipes, and express their own talents. Her philosophy concentrates on creating an important balance between the foods that we put on the table and the people that gather around the table.

Reviews of Chef Kelly Sears

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Third Thursday: One+Done: Pie Crust (Hands On)

Chris G.

Attended: Third Thursday: One+Done: Pie Crust (Hands On)

This class was exactly what I was looking for. The instructor was great. She communicated clearly and it was hands on for all participants. She took the time to answer all questions thoroughly and clearly. Frankly the best culinary class I have ever taken. Also she was very efficient with time. I am now confident in my pie crust abilities. From zero to confident in one hour! Wow! Now that's 5 Stars!!!!

Multi-Use Instant Cookers (Hands On)

James K.

Attended: Multi-Use Instant Cookers (Hands On)

Excellent class. Chef was very knowledgeable about Instant Cookers as well as other pressure cookers. She offered details that help understand the operation of each style of cooker and to differentiate them from one another. Everyone was encouraged to participate in the cooking experience and all the recipes were clear and easy to understand. The class was not only very informative, but also a lot of fun, with good interaction between the chef and those taking the class. There was a lot of information for those who are new to Instant Cookers as well as for those who have been using them for some time. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who is interested in cooking with pressure cookers.

Multi-Use Instant Cookers (Hands On)

Vicky K.

Attended: Multi-Use Instant Cookers (Hands On)

The instructor (Kelly) was very friendly, informative and extremely knowledgeable about pressure cookers, both table-top and stove-top. She took the time to answer questions, go into further detail when needed, and to encourage hands-on participation. During the course of the class we prepared and/or taste tested 10 different pressure cooked foods - yogurt, chicken, stock, orange marmalade, rice, humus, polenta, risotto, vegetable sauce, and dolce le leche. We went to the class hoping to find out if pressure cooking was right for us and which would would serve us better, table-top or stove-top. We not only got our answer, but came away with a brand new 10 qt. pressure cooker! :)

Early Spring Canning Workshop (V) (Hands On)


Attended: Early Spring Canning Workshop (V) (Hands On)

I now have confidence that I am able to can foods on my own, thanks to Chef Kelly's expertise.