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David Guzzone

Teaches at Edge Studio Voice Actor Casting & School

VO Coach & Director of Partnership Programs David Guzzone is one of the few in the voice-over industry who is recognized for working on “both sides of the glass.” As a voice actor (microphone side of the glass) and on-camera actor, his credits include Honda, Taco Bell, CSI:NY, Volvo, Charmed, Power Bar, General Hospital, McDonalds and, his most challenging role to date, the voice of a heating and air conditioning unit for Philadelphia Electric Company. It was a stretch because David is more readily cast as a refrigerator or toaster. As a voice-over producer (director’s side of the glass), and working side by side with sound engineers, David has gained vast experience giving him a complete picture of the industry. And as a voice over casting director (the third side of the glass, otherwise known as the EDGE) for commercial, narration, and video game projects, David has worked with hundreds of talent and is responsible for distinguishing between the rare great audition and the average audition that is most commonly delivered. Put all this together, and as a coach, he is able to impart these experiences to aspiring voice over artists. Regarding the personal side of David, he’s a native New Yorker and has worked in the entertainment industry for 15 years in NYC and LA.

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