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Empowering Options

Empowering Options

Life Skills
Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois
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Empowering Options works where other counseling doesn’t. Empowering Options is one of the most effective counseling approaches because our philosophy is to be uniquely on the side of the client. We concentrate on helping you learn, explore, and create your options. Options are in the perspective – the beliefs that you view yourself and the world through.

As children we believe what the adults in our lives tell us about the world and especially about ourselves. Not only does this affects us as children but it profoundly affects us as adults. These messages intensely affect our view of ourselves, our level of self-acceptance, self-esteem, and how we act in our lives and in our intimate relationships.

If we’re told, as children, that we’re bossy, clumsy, stupid, a loser, etc. the majority of us will believe we are those things in one degree or another. If children are treated, on any level, as if they are unlikable – they will believe it. This belief becomes how we view ourselves. The view we are given of ourselves determines our levels of self-esteem and self–acceptance, and is one of the main reasons for problems in our relationships, with our partners, and in our parenting. Most of us were unintentionally taught, from a very young age, to think and feel against ourselves. Most of us do not have an objective view of ourselves so we have little compassion for how we handle the challenges we face.

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3748 N Ashland, Chicago, Illinois 60613
Empowering Options
Lakeview, North Side
3748 N Ashland
Btwn W Grace St & W Waveland Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60613