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Spring Bird

Spring Bird

Dundee Township, Dundee Township, Illinois
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To nurture and sustain a thriving and creative place for performing radical acts of hospitality. 


We envision welcoming visitors for retreat and for nature and art education. We wish to share Spring Bird with others as well as maintain its health. Furthermore, we conceive of this place as an opportunity for others to use as they envision as long as it does not interfere with Spring Bird's mission. 


In 1947,  naturalist and photographer Torkel Korling purchased land previously used by a dairy farmer for grazing cows. The farmer cooled his fresh milk cans in the spring fed creek. Just old growth oaks and hickories stood as they had for hundred of years when the land belonged to the Potawatomi. A Swedish immigrant, Korling designed and built his home into the side of the hill facing the creek. He worked with limited post-war materials to construct an early mid-century home, pool, garage, and barn. Later he converted the garage into a layout studio for his botany work, and eventually, he transformed it into a one bedroom cottage. Korling transfigured the dairy farm into an arboretum by planting trees and laying out trails and meadows.

In 1976 Martha and David Bartholomew followed their hearts buying the Korling home and arboretum. They continued to nurture and care for their oasis, Siloam, protecting it against suburban development, and by sharing its place of respite through their own practice of hospitality. 

In 2014 we bought Siloam from the Bartholomews and wish to continue their practice of both sharing and protecting it. We gave Siloam the name Spring Bird derived from our names: "Lentz" meaning Spring and "Sluka" meaning Bird. We wish that it remain a place of hope just as spring birds are an annual reminder of life after each winter. 

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18N600 Westhill Rd, Dundee Township, Illinois 60118
Spring Bird
Dundee Township, North Side
18N600 Westhill Rd
Dundee Township, Illinois 60118

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