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Fruit Tree Pruning: Managing Fruit Crops

at Chicago Botanic Garden - Bronzeville 555 E 51st St, Chicago, Illinois 60615

This hands-on class is for beginning to intermediate growers. The session will include an introduction to the different fruit tree pruning forms, when to prune, strategic pruning, and general fruit tree maintenance. We will also cover how to care for fruiting crops that thrive in Plant Hardiness Zones 5–7.

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Past Life Regression and the Power of Language

at The Witness Energy Healing - Bronzeville 3223 S Calumet Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60616

Join us for a past life regression in collaboration with the power of language. Dive deep into the past with safe guidance and discover the dialogue of your soul. Giving voice to our Spirit as it processes the experience of our previous lives, we are able to deconstruct language patterns that were formed at that time that continue to arise in the present....

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Conversations & Interactions, Promote Learning in Pres

at Starnet Region V Chicago Public Schools - Bronzeville 4859 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60615

In this workshop, participants increase their knowledge of how high “Quality of Feedback” helps children obtain a deeper understanding of concepts and are more motivated to stay engaged in the learning process. By intentionally looking for every occasion to provide meaningful feedback, teachers can create many more learning opportunities throughout...

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Promoting Children's Thinking Skills in Preschool

at Starnet Region V Chicago Public Schools - Bronzeville 4859 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60615

How children think is as important as what they learn. The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), the Common Core and the revised Illinois Learning and Development Standards all encourage us to promote children's higher-order thinking skills. Participants will distinguish concept development from rote learning and memorization. We will then practice...

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Tools for Teachers Working with Children with Autism

at Starnet Region V Chicago Public Schools - Bronzeville 4859 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60615

Working with families can be a challenge. This workshop will explore the environmental and genetic causes for autism and help professionals support families who may be dealing with, trying to understand a diagnosis of autism. This workshop will also provide tips and tools for professionals working with children with autism and their families. Schedule:...

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Conversational Kiswahili

at Swahili Institute of Chicago - Bronzeville 3424 South State St Suite 3cb-2, Chicago, Illinois 60616

Join us for interactive fun and language skills and development for those who wish to develop, maintain or expand their ability to speak & understand Swahili. Greetings/partings/exchanges Polite words and phrases Situational conversations Asking questions/making requests Idiomatic phrases & proverbs Numbers and counting Essential grammatical...

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