Fluent City: Why Every New Yorker Should Learn a New Language

It’s never too late to start learning a new language. According to a recent study, learning a second language may help improve brain function, regardless of your age.

Fluent City, one of our language schools, offers effective language classes that not only immerse you in word and culture, but also introduce you to new friends.

Through four years of high school French classes, countless hours of French study in college, and many trips immersed abroad in Paris, Fluent City owner Sam Maher fell in love with French language and culture and began giving lessons to friends and neighbors from his living room. While he had no formal teaching experience, Sam had incredible teaching instincts, and his fast-growing number of students required him to relocate and hire more teachers.

In three short years, the program has grown into Fluent City: a national company that offers ten languages with classes in eight cities. Fluent City continues to hire teachers with the idea that an engaging teacher with great teaching instincts is better than a teacher with a formal training but no spark in the classroom.

Why take a language class?

While many students take language classes to be exposed to different cultures, Fluent City students also see classes as spaces to meet new friends. “We’ve found that our students find value not only in learning a new language, but also in the atmosphere of the classes themselves. Our students get to meet other curious, dynamic people from their city with each class,” says Mandy Menaker, marketing director at Fluent City.

“In a culture where people who live in big cities have to be dependent on bars and barbeques to meet new friends, Fluent City provides a new way to meet like-minded acquaintances while also learning another language. Our classes have resulted in roommates, bandmates, relationships and even marriages!”

Fluent City in Five Years

In the next five years, Fluent City plans to continue to diversify their offerings through adding more classes to accommodate different schedules, expanding to more cities, and adding new languages. They also plan to add to their existing list of complimentary products to help students study outside of class and put their language skills to use, including language-themed events, extra practice sessions, and international language trips.

“The slightly longer term plan involves international branches. It won’t be long before Parisians, Londoners and Berliners can learn a foreign language with Fluent City!”

Want to join the fun? Check out Fluent City on CourseHorse, available in both New York and Los Angeles.