2015 Tastemaker: Jeanette Nyberg, Tiny Rotten Peanuts


East Coaster-turned-Chicagoan, Jeanette Nyberg started Tiny Rotten Peanuts as a combination of her first two blogs, Craftwhack (which she started to document teaching herself to knit, but eventually turned into a collection of humorous posts) and Artchoo (an art and design blog for kids). Throughout Tiny Rotten Peanuts, you’ll find incredibly fun DIY projects, some delicious recipes, and hilarious and insightful musings.

We asked Jeanette what she’s planning on learning in 2015. Here are the subjects she’s following this year:

subject image

Adobe Lightroom

Why she’s following: “I have thousands of photos from my blog that need organizing and I’ve heard amazing things about Lightroom as the ultimate place to tweak and organize photos.”

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Why she’s following: “I would LOVE to take a writing class someday – I wonder how it would change how I approach my blog posts.”

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Why she’s following: “I’m always looking for techniques to make my photos better and learn more about my beast of a DSLR. I know I’m not using it to anywhere near its capabilities.”

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Why she’s following: “I took a few jewelry classes years ago and I am dying to take one now and then accidentally go buy lots of jewelry-making tools.”

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Kids Art

Why she’s following: “I love to see what sorts of cool art classes are out there for kids, it inspires ideas for my blog.”

And when we asked what she’ll take first

How to Start Your Own Business! I’m one of those people who could jump from class to class, eternally buzzed by all of the great things I’m learning. It was so hard for me to choose which class I wanted to take first- I’ve been alternating between a photography class and a beginning business class, and I’ve chosen the business class! I’m nervous about it… it means I’m officially accepting that my blog is reaching that elusive ‘next level’. But the class looks amazing, and I know I’ll learn a ton. P.S. I just thought about how funny it is that we parents sign our kids up for classes with batting an eye, but when it comes to ourselves we think of a million excuses to not spend the money. I’m officially taking more classes in 2015.”