Class Review: BYOB Handmade Pasta with Taste Buds Kitchen

Taste Buds Kitchen, located in the heart of Chelsea, offers classes ranging from knife skills to children’s culinary camps, BYOB cooking classes, and more. I recently took their BYOB Handmade Pasta class, where I learned to make various types of pasta and sauces, enjoyed a few glasses of wine, and met some really great people.

I’d never considered the steps involved in making ravioli from scratch before entering the class (unless you count taking pre-packaged pasta out of the freezer and boiling it). Within the first five minutes of class, I knew I was in good company. Other students included couples on dates, groups of friends, and even some people riding solo. Everyone was incredibly friendly (possibly the nature of BYOB classes), and people were ready to make some pasta. The classroom took place in an open kitchen with six large tables where students gathered around. Each table was set with ingredients, instructions, and stainless steel cooking tools. We were all excited to begin our culinary adventure.

Our teacher, Cait, opened by assessing our various cooking levels before demonstrating how to make various types of pasta. Over the next two hours, we drank wine while learning how to make two types of ravioli – butternut squash and spinach – as well as fettuccine and homemade marinara sauce. Cait was great about providing us with plenty of instructions, while also giving us space to learn by doing. When we finished cooking, we sat together as a group and enjoyed our handmade pasta meal!

Overall, the class was incredibly fun. I met great people, had an easy-to-follow and knowledgeable teacher, and learned a new skill. I can now impress my friends and family with delicious homemade pasta.

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