6 Ways to Explore A New Passion for Less Than $50

Hoping to try out a new hobby in 2016? Fluent City’snew quirky cultural offerings allow you to dip a toe into art, design, photo and more. Check out a few of our favorite picks, all priced under $50.

 1. Intro to Digital Photography: More Than Snapping a Selfie

While your instructor’s photo work has appeared in The New York Times, Travel + Escape, Afar and more, his most recent work is documenting a long-term story on gang invention in Panama. Learn from an established photojournalist how to use the manual functions on camera and capture the best shot possible.

2. Introduction to Street Art: Navigating New York City Streets

There’s more out there than Banksy. Familiarize yourself with the leading street artists in the New York City scene, learn how to recognize their styles, and find out where to see the most exciting works on the streets. You will also learn about the history and origin of street art, including its early initiators, prevalent genres, and main artistic influences.

3. Wine From Unlikely Places: Obscure Lands of Wine

Wine is like a story in a bottle – each one with tasting notes portraying influence from the grape’s land, climate, production, and usage. Discover and taste wines from obscure vineyards and unique wine-making techniques while expanding your knowledge of wine appreciation. You will sample wines from all over the world and learn about how each type expresses the history and culture of its region. Topics also covered are pairing wine with food, vocabulary and describing your palate.

4. Tools Of The Trade: Get Your Story Online and Find An Audience

In this workshop, your instructor (who has 95K followers on social media!) will show you which social media tools work best for the story you want to share and introduce you to tools you may not know about. She’ll help you think outside the box and give you the advice you need to gain success on social media.

5. Art Collecting: A Crash Course

This workshop will provide easy tools for understanding and exploring the art world. Tze Chun, the Founder of NYC gallery Uprise Art, gives an overview of the art market and the different players within it, as well as a step-by-step approach to building your art collection. She’ll discuss avenues for finding, buying, and discovering artwork and provide exercises to explore and define your own tastes in artwork.

6. Language Crash Course

If learning a language is your 2016 goal, start here. Fluent City’s language crash course lessons are only $10 for a one-hour group lesson including dessert. Get an intro to the basics in an interactive, high-energy lesson.


What’s your passion? Sign up for classes — including all those mentioned above, and more — onCourseHorse.