2015 Tastemaker: Howard Walfish, Brooklyn Vegetarian


Virginia native turned Brooklynite, Howard Walfish started Brooklyn Vegetarian as a place to highlight the wide array of good vegetarian food in Brooklyn. He highlights restaurants with awesome vegetarian options, shares delicious recipes, and reviews food events. In his words: “as long as it’s vegetarian and in Brooklyn, it’s fair game.” Keep an eye out for his Vegetarian Offal posts (where he examines food scraps and cut-offs that might otherwise be thrown away, such as scallion roots and shiitake stems – so cool!).

We asked Howard what he’s planning on learning in 2015. Here are the subjects he’s following this year:


Why he’s following: “I’m always looking for ways to improve my photo skills, especially for the blog.”


Why he’s following: “I’m a little obsessed with stand-up comedy, and a lot of the podcasts that have popped up from the stand-up community.”


Why he’s following: “For years I’ve been meaning to learn more about wine, beyond the three or four varietals I know I like.”


Why he’s following: “Just like I said with Photography, if there’s anything I can learn to improve my skills I’ll take the opportunity.”

Web Design

Why he’s following: “It would be nice not to have to rely on others for the tech and design aspects of the blog.”

And when we asked what he’ll take first

Travel Writing Intensive, I’m working on a big project involving travel.”