2015 Tastemaker: Cathy Erway, Not Eating Out in New York


Self-taught culinary extraordinaire, Cathy Erway created Not Eating Out in New York in 2009 to share the fun-to-make, budget friendly recipes she created after deciding to quit eating out in the city. Over the years, her recipes and posts have evolved to include healthy, seasonal, and (our favorite) under-appreciated and sustainable ingredients. Not Eating Out in New York makes it easy to discovery new recipes and find enjoyment in cooking, regardless of being busy or strapped for cash.

We asked Cathy what she’s planning on learning in 2015. Here are the subjects she’s following this year:


Culinary (Meals)

Why she’s following: “I’d love seeing trends arise from the culinary courses that people are most interested in, as average, novice cooks.”


Why she’s following: “Learning more about wines makes you appreciate them so much more!”


Why she’s following: “I’ve only practiced one style of yoga so it’d be great to learn all about the differences and commonalities in all different types, including new ones.”



Why she’s following: “This would be vicarious pleasure, since I live in the city and can’t grow much. But understanding more about plants helps me understand food better.”

And when we asked what she’ll take first

Korean Cooking for Winter sounds pretty good right about now!”