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Learn to taste like a pro. Blind tasting can teach you, humble you and build your ability to taste. We tend to taste a large number of premium wines. This class costs a little more because its worth it.The Tasting Workout includes:A sense/scents of place tastingExplore the smells of wines with our Le Nose Du Vin sensory kit.Learn about unique grape

Sa.   Sep 20th, 3:30pm
Saturday September 20 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $50
Sunday November 16 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $50
Sunday December 21 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $50
Other Dates (3)

Pass our BAR exam (Beverage Aptitude Review) and you will be a well educated member of the wine society of Southern California - a Junior Wine Executive (JWE). A four-week wine credential program for trade professionals and passionate consumers. We are recognized as a regional leader in education - this class has a 90% pass rate, and turns wine lov

Su.   Oct 5th - Oct 26th, 11am
All levels
Sunday October 5 11am - 2pm 4 Sessions $349
Monday October 6 6:30pm - 9:30pm 4 Sessions $349
Other Dates (2)

Do you have passion for the wine industry? Do you like your current job? Are you defined by your career? Do you enjoy where your future lies? Do you want to find out what opportunities exist in wine? Treat yourself to a special discussion about the wine industry and opportunities that could be open to you.From Importing, Distributing, Negotiating,

Sa.   Oct 11th, 11am
All levels
Saturday October 11 11am - 2pm 1 Session $129
Saturday January 17 11am - 2pm 1 Session $129
Other Dates (2)

This class will give students an understanding how wine is made, improve your ability to describe your tasting. Learn the wine basics from A - Z. We believe it is easier to learn about wine when the wines are exceptional and you can connect with a top educator.Learn about:The method of tasting wine - use all your senses and new found knowledge.Wine

Sa.   Sep 27th, 3:30pm
Saturday September 27 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Sunday October 5 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Sunday November 2 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Sunday December 7 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Sunday January 4 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Sunday February 1 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $65
Other Dates (6)

Enjoy the sensual contrast and delights that bring wine, cheese and chocolate together - one of our top forms of entertainment and education. 10 Wines, 5 Cheeses and 5 Chocolates. When Three Worlds Collide.Join us for a special class bringing together three divine, cheese and chocolate. You will explore the sensual contrasts

Su.   Oct 12th, 3:30pm
All levels
Sunday October 12 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $79
Wednesday November 5 6:30pm - 8:45pm 1 Session $79
Sunday November 9 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $79
Sunday December 14 3:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $79
Other Dates (4)

Join us for this unique opportunity to create a gourmet meal with Le Cordon Bleu Paris Instructor Chef Elizabeth Whitt. Learn how to expertly prepare delicious meats and all the trimmings and don't forget to savor some wine perfectly paired by Chef Whitt for these recipes.Bacon and Blue Cheese Wedge Salad (pairs well with a Chardonnay)Grilled Steak

T.   Sep 23rd, 6:30pm
All levels
Tuesday September 23 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $89
Tuesday October 7 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $89
Friday October 24 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $89
Other Dates (3)

Fresh pasta gives a delicate texture and depth of flavor to your pasta dishes – it’s an entirely different experience than boiled noodles from a box. This class will give you the confidence and skills to create a beautiful meal of fresh pasta any time. What's on the Menu:Fresh Pasta (egg) dough - made by handFresh Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli wi

Sa.   Sep 20th, 6pm
All levels

Ooooh la la! Strolling along the Seine, admiring the blossoms. Time to duck into a warm French bistro for a hearty meal. Here is a French menu that is as easy as a breeze that whispers Louise. To Taste: White and Red BurgundyMenu:Moulle (mussels) in wine, parsley, garlic The most wonderful hearty (& new!) Coq au Vin - with tarragon, grapes &

F.   Oct 17th, 6pm
All levels
Friday October 17 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $65
Friday October 17 6:30pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $65
Other Dates (2)

Dining out may become a thing of the past after we show you how easy it is to make a classic surf and turf dinner at home. Using the freshest ingredients from land and sea, our chef will teach you and your date fast and easy techniques for creating great tasting flavor combinations guaranteed to inspire romance. ​Lobster bisque shootersShrimp and

F.   Oct 3rd, 6:30pm
All levels

Más Tapas, por favorLooking to outdo yourself as the most fabulous host? A perfect class to take so that you can invite 30 of your friends and throw a party to remember! Each of the Tapas also makes a wonderful first course, or a little "bocadito" to have with a cocktail, if you are feeling lazy. Viva España!To TasteSpanish RiojaMenuFried chick p

Sa.   Sep 27th, 5pm
All levels
Saturday September 27 5pm - 8pm 1 Session $65
Friday October 3 6pm - 9pm 1 Session $65
Other Dates (2)

Enjoy the night and taste Andrew's famous grilled cheese. Over the course of roughly two hours, he will take you through four different pairings of grilled cheese and beer combinations, and then a unique beer float with vanilla ice cream for dessert. This family-style class has been their most popular. Join them and see what the excitement has been

F.   Nov 21st, 7:30pm
All levels

A 1-Day workshop exploring the bounty of Fall fruit. The day includes morning beverages, our Toast Bar™, Plow and Gun hand-roasted coffee, 4 class sessions and a rustic lunch.Fall is a bounty of many delicious, but under appreciated, fruits. Think figs and pomegranates. Join the Institute for a workshop exploring these misunderstood, delicious cr

Sa.   Nov 22nd, 10am
All levels

The goal of this class is to learn to describe wines by sampling several wines that have distinct characteristics which will be used as direct examples of what some of the most common wine descriptors are. Can you speak wine? What does "dry" mean? Fruit forward? Medium bodied? Earthy? Minerally? Food friendly? Jammy? Crisp? Oaky? Old word style? Ne


In this months tasting event we will explore some of the best that the U.S. of A has to offer. American Wines and artisan Cheeses have come a long way over the years and come from a small colony to a superpower of some of the best Wine and Cheeses the world has to offer.


Students will learn the vast majority of wine in this region. With the enjoyment of eating, tasting of different wines and cheese plates will be more appreciated in the class. Added techniques in wine tasting and the history of its region. Wine tasting on a different region, with a vast selections of wine from different ages. Sit down tasting of a


Enjoy a wonderful Sunday afternoon wine tasting in Ojai. It is held at the beautiful lake Casitas and proceeds go to Rotary club foundations.The Trip will include coach, the ticket price, continental breakfast and snack bag by our chefs,great company and, best of all, no driving!Wine and beer connoisseurs can delight in over 50 award-winning wineri


Join us as we showcase the amazing range you can create in the perfect cocktail food. Warm nights, late sunsets, flirty sundresses and linen suits summertime lends itself to the idea of great cocktail parties.Beer Battered Rock Shrimp Tacos with Lime Cabbage SlawCapresi Bruschetta with Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella and TomatoGrilled Korean Style Shortrib


Preparing for a visit to wine country, remembering a delightful one or just dreaming? It doesn’t matter, because we’ll take you on a culinary journey with a menu full of dishes designed to match beautifully with an assortment of wines. You and your friends will learn tips on cooking with wine, and how to create, from start to finish, an entire


Join us for our last tasting of 2013. We will have some very tasty small plates that will be perfect any holiday party.Cuban Mojo Shrimp with "Ernest Hemingway Special"Thai Crab Cakes with Sparkling WineRoasted bone marrow, onion compote with a Bordeaux wineChambord Chocolate Mousse in a Chocolate Cone with Chocolate Port


The top wines of France as we tour from Sancerre to Champagne, Alsace to Burgundy, Rhone to Bordeaux and a few surprises in-between. The cheeses will be small artisans and top producers Learn about the history, the wine and cheese laws, pairings, and classic markers for tasting. Great for the wine lover, the cheese lover and all experience leve

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