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Voice Over Classes Coming up in New York

In this introductory voice over class, students learn the basics of voice over and narration. Techniques include breath support, vocal produ

+2700 pts
Th.   Sep 11th - Dec 11th, 5:30pm

This is our gathering for students and professionals alike to make contacts, pool resources, brush up on your skills and expand your network

+350 pts
T.   Sep 9th, 6pm
All levels

At Edge Studio, a recognized VO Casting, Recording, & Educational Training Center. Here's a practical way to determine if you and your v

+792 pts
Sa.   Sep 6th, 12pm
Saturday September 6 12pm - 4pm 1 Session $79.20
Wednesday September 10 6pm - 10pm 1 Session $79.20
Tuesday September 16 10am - 2pm 1 Session $79.20
Wednesday September 17 6pm - 10pm 1 Session $79.20

In this one day intensive we will focus on how to make the unnatural, sound natural by reading copy, making creative choices, looking at rhy

+790 pts
Th.   Sep 4th, 7pm
All levels

Explore opening the channels of communication as physical and psychological tensions release. The ultimate goal of this class is for student

+3750 pts
W.   Sep 17th - Nov 19th, 2:30pm
All levels

Learn skills, techniques, insiders secrets for the working Contemporary Commercial Voice Over actor - plus a top VO Agent evaluates your wor

+3290 pts
T.   Oct 14th - Nov 11th, 6pm

You'll learn about voice placement, the facial mask and how you can create different sounds and vibrations that allow you to revisit the sam

+2990 pts
M.   Sep 22nd - Oct 27th, 6pm
All levels

Our new voice over class will give you all the tools you need to connect and make firm committed choices as an actor to help break the code

+2290 pts
F.   Oct 10th - Nov 7th, 6:30pm

Students will work on accent study with exercises and samples and demonstrations and instruction, how to create a dialect in a short amount

+2990 pts
T.   Sep 9th - Oct 7th, 7pm
All levels

Students will learn to work directly with an author, find their own unique narrating style and contemporary techniques to connect to the lis

+3290 pts
M.   Nov 3rd - Dec 1st, 6pm
All levels

This enlightening, information-packed seminar is aimed at helping actors master the peculiar rigors of commercial auditions. You've taken a

+990 pts
Sa.   Sep 20th, 10am

All classes are geared toward providing the building blocks needed to create a film. The Evening Workshop is the ideal program for individua

+33000 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.   Sep 15th - Dec 6th, 7pm
All levels
Monday September 15 7pm - 9:30pm 72 Sessions $3,300
Monday January 12 7pm - 9:30pm 72 Sessions $3,300

The Holiday Filmmaking Workshop provides students with a strong foundation in filmmaking in which they each make three films. This workshop

+22000 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.   Dec 1st - Jan 26th, 9:30am
All levels
Monday December 1 9:30am - 7pm 37 Sessions $2,200
Monday December 8 9:30am - 7pm 48 Sessions $2,200

When it's time for your club appearance you will have solidly written, funny material and you will be well rehearsed and ready to perform at

+4500 pts
M.T.W.Th.Sa.Su.   Sep 22nd - Oct 14th, 6pm
All levels
Monday September 22 6pm - 8:30pm 10 Sessions $450
Tuesday October 28 6pm - 8:30pm 10 Sessions $450
Tuesday December 2 6pm - 8:30pm 9 Sessions $450

Learn to tap into your deepest instincts as a writer, and connect to your writing at its creative source. This 5 week series of 2 hour medit

+3500 pts
W.   Sep 10th - Oct 22nd, 7:30pm
Wednesday September 10 7:30pm - 9:30pm 5 Sessions $350
Wednesday November 5 7:30pm - 9:30pm 5 Sessions $350

Come with as much or as little as you have of your screenplay—even just a single good idea—and we'll take your film to the next lev

+550 pts
Su.   Sep 28th, 1pm

This four-week class will teach you the nuts and bolts of working in the lucrative area of video game voice over. The business of video game


You'll learn how to distinguish and identify your personal "voice"; when, how, and why to have a demo reel; choosing stand-out copy for prac


Join a Top NY Voice Over Agent for an evening of invaluable information, insider tips and the opportunity to meet and network with one of NY


Move to the next level in your voiceover acting career - overcome the stumbling blocks in the audition process to start converting auditions

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