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Vietnamese Cooking Classes Coming up in New York

Blending East Asia with Southeast Asia and a touch of the West, Vietnamese food captivates through its refreshing flavors, varied textures,

+1150 pts
F.   Sep 26th, 6pm
All levels
Friday September 26 6pm - 10:30pm 1 Session $115
Thursday November 13 6pm - 10:30pm 1 Session $115

From curries and dumplings to noodles and scallion bread, this class will cover essential techniques of Asian cuisines. You will learn to co

+4350 pts
M.   Sep 8th - Sep 29th, 6pm
All levels

In this new 15-lesson program, you will cover the foundations of the culinary arts, training you to be an accomplished cook. Throughout the

+24950 pts
Sa.Su.   Sep 20th - Nov 15th, 10am
Saturday September 20 10am - 2:30pm 15 Sessions $2,495
Wednesday October 1 6pm - 10:30pm 15 Sessions $2,495
Monday November 3 6pm - 10:30pm 15 Sessions $2,495

Learn how to balance hot, sour, salty and sweet flavors in these vibrant cuisines. ​Learn to make:Summer Rolls with Fresh Shrimp, Mango an

+1000 pts
M.   Sep 8th, 6pm
All levels

Using these lessons from her family and her travels, she will teach students to recreate the local flavors of Vietnamese street food in our


Southeast Asian spices and ingredients can be daunting – lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, galangal, palm sugar and fish sauce – but no m


Travel to Vietnam here in the city, for these simple yet delicious recipes. All recipes are cooked in the studio and eaten in the comfort of


Fear fish cooking no more. Learn simple, healthy seafood recipes. You'll be making Garlic Shrimp, Mussels Marinière, Scallops with White Wi


Learn to prepare and cook: Shrimp Satay, Crabcakes with Mango Salsa, Crispy Vietnamese Bass with Tomato Chili Marmalade, Baby Bok Choy, Frag


Learn how to make flavorful beef, chicken, and shellfish stocks from scratch, for cooking and as the basis of three terrific meals. Learn to


Learn to prepare grilled chicken with mint, orange and chile chutney, chicken in pumpkin seed sauce, Vietnamese chicken salad, chicken cacci


Sturdy yet sweet, root vegetables are among the most versatile ingredients to keep in one's kitchen. They can be roasted, braised, grated, d


Students will learn how to balance hot, sour, salty and sweet flavors in these vibrant cuisines. Learn to make:Fresh Summer Rolls with Shrim


Manhattan's Chinatown is full of edible treasures that are hidden from the beaten path. Join us as we take a tasting tour of NYC's most jam-


Roll up your sleeves to learn how to roll Japanese Sushi Maki Rolls (tuna, crab and vegetable), Vietnamese Summer Rolls with shrimp, and tha


You will explore the delicate balance of sweet, sour, and salty that makes Asian dishes so satisfying. This culinary journey features some


Chef Jay Weinstein prepares and shares a selection of unforgettable recipes, you will learn which fish are threatened, which have become th


Your mouth will water in preparation for the steamed, stewed, baked, and fried delights of Chinatown. To begin, you'll share a dim sum break

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