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Travel Photography Classes Coming up in Los Angeles

The Scenic Track of Intermediate classes will focus on Landscape photography, Travel photography, and Black and White photography. This course is broken down into Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions. In Spring we will cover Landscape photography, in Summer we will cover Travel Photography, and in Fall we will cover Black and White Photography. S

+300 pts
M.   Aug 4th, 7pm
Monday August 4 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $30
Monday September 8 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $30
Monday October 6 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $30
Monday November 3 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $30
Monday December 1 7pm - 9pm 1 Session $30
Other Dates (5)

Learn the tips and techniques for great travel photography before hit. Got a new camera for that summer vacation coming up? Want to make all of your friends and family jealous of your trip? Learn the tips and techniques for great travel photography before hitting the road.

+490 pts
Su.   Sep 21st, 12pm

Find out how to use your smartphone to take amazing pictures as you capture the mood and feel of the city as a tourist. Travel through Downtown LA and learn to see the city as never before! Develop a pair of discerning eyes by exploring the basics of composition, shapes, overall architectural patterns, and lighting. Find out about free apps that wi

+890 pts
Sa.   Aug 2nd, 10am
All levels

Learn more about composition and technique as well as how to go further as a travel photographer to get more from your photography. In this advanced session you will spend four hours in the shoes of a professional travel photographer as we embark on a photographic journey of your city. Picking up from where "Travel Photography 101" left off on Satu


You will learn the ins and outs of travel photography, from ideal settings and priorities, to composition to planning an expedition. Perhaps the signature session of the Photographing America tour is "Travel Photography 101."Not only will your vacation photos turn out better in the future, but from here on out, there will be a professional quality


Capturing great images while traveling is high on the wish list of so many people This three hour workshop will provide you with many insights into how you can seek out and create great travel images and become a better travel photographer. Learn how to push you digital photography beyond capturing ordinary snapshots with just a point and shoot ap


This seminar that teaches students how to preserve fun and memorable photos from their travels/vacations. Ben will share with everyone various techniques that will drastically improve students’ travel and vacation photos. Learn to shoot like professional photographers. Ben will share his experiences as a professional photographer with 200+ imag


Taking advantage of The City of Angel’s unique new Exposition Metro Line. We will be traveling down the track stopping at several diverse locations. This photography workshop focuses on how to take pictures of the environment (from cityscapes to landscapes). Learn the art of discovering an image and visual editing. This photo tour starts and mee


Advanced Photography will lead you to new ideas, new techniques and new skills along with empowering you to add creativity to your photography. Creative photography builds inspirational images by blending artistic thought, technical acumen and creative desire. It may not be for everyone but if you are looking for an outlet for your photographic exp

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