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Casting Director will have received your headshots ahead of time and "cast" each actor in a theater scene, which you will be emailed 2 days in advance as well as a full script of the production. You'll start off the night with a Q&A, and then she will begin working with you as your reader in a group format. Along with your role assignment, she may

+790 pts
T.   Sep 16th, 6:30pm
All levels
Tuesday September 16 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $79
Thursday September 18 7pm - 8:30pm 1 Session $79
Wednesday September 24 6:30pm - 9pm 1 Session $79
Tuesday October 28 6:30pm - 8pm 1 Session $79
Other Dates (4)

Tonight's guests include:Katie Murphy, Agent, Meg Pantera - First Time Guest!Josh Pultz, Agent, DGRWMark Redanty, Agent/Owner, BRS/Gage A Talent AgencyFor this showcase, we'll call the day before with appointments starting at 6:30 pm.The night of, we ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and please remember to bring 3 hea

+690 pts
M.   Sep 22nd, 7pm
All levels

Live performances of personal, non-fiction stories are experiencing a fascinating and revelatory reinvention in the 21st century. From the rise of the storytelling organization of the Moth specifically, to its relationship and lineage with NRP’s This American Life, to the proliferation and resurgence of “storytelling,” to the explosion of sol

+1200 pts
Sa.   Sep 13th, 10am
All levels

Has your child been singing "Frozen" nonstop and expressed an interest in Broadway? This class is a great place for them to start! In our 11 week course, students will receive a monologue and song handpicked by the instructor that showcases their skills. They will also learn a group dance routine. This class enforces the fundamentals and basics- le

+3500 pts
Sa.   Sep 6th - Nov 22nd, 1pm
All levels

David Drake offers an intensive workshop towards creating your own one-person show. Whether it’s turning new ideas into stage-worthy monologues or developing existing material, David will walk you through the process as both a dramaturge and a director. The final class will be a presentation of material developed during the course for an invited

+8000 pts
T.   Sep 16th - Nov 11th, 6pm
All levels

In this workshop participants will explore the ten-minute play model from idea through first draft to final revision. Start and finish a ten-minute play! Looking at structure, character and idea, you’ll examine your personal process through in-class exercises. Homework assignments will give you writing deadlines. We’ll read each other’s pages

+3750 pts
T.   Sep 23rd - Nov 11th, 2:30pm
All levels

Scene study and total immersion in the casting and theatrical process, seen and unseen. A unique course not offered anywhere else. Taught by writer/director/producer Anthony Wilkinson, you will learn the in's and out's of the theatrical world: How to respond the right way to casting calls. The tips and tricks on how to submit and stand out. De

+4500 pts
Sa.   Sep 20th - Oct 18th, 2:30pm
All levels

This class is for the serious performer. For three hours, students will hone their skills in voice, drama and dance. With their instructors, students will create a showcase that will be performed on the final week of class for family, friends and industry personnel. The showcase will be designed to highlight the best song, scene, monologue and danc

+5000 pts
Sa.   Sep 6th - Nov 22nd, 2pm
All levels

From the streets of Buenos Aires to refugee camps in Uganda, Jennifer has traveled the world interviewing people. This work is the basis of her critically acclaimed, award- winning solo show series The Letters to Clio Project. In this intensive two day workshop participants will work with Jennifer to create their own solo shows in someone else’s

+2400 pts
Sa.Su.   Sep 20th - Sep 21st, 10am
All levels

This class will be perfect for dipping your toes into storytelling waters for the first time, or a quick brush up on your skills if you’re a seasoned pro. This workshop is a compressed version of the 6-session class, with a smaller class size to allow for maximum stage and feedback time for each student, and a break between sessions to allow stud

+1500 pts
Sa.Su.   Sep 13th - Sep 14th, 10am
All levels
Saturday September 13 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday September 20 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday October 11 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday October 25 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday November 8 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday November 22 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday December 6 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Saturday December 13 10am - 2pm 2 Sessions $150
Other Dates (8)

Students will learn how to get more from reading a script, so that they can tell the story better. Your enhanced understanding of the script will improve your performance. It is a great course for directors and designers too.  You will explore specific techniques that allow you to decipher inciting events, main events, hot circumstances, calls

+3250 pts
T.   Sep 30th - Nov 4th, 11am
All levels

This ongoing class is meant for acting students who have taken Scene Study I and Scene Study II and wish to continue to practice their craft.Prerequisite: Scene Study Intensive 1 & 2

+4950 pts
F.   Oct 3rd - Dec 12th, 6:30pm

The goal of the course is to foster independency. This course will prepare actors for the “on-the-job” challenges, so that they can perform better and maximize their potential even in the worst of situations. This follow-up course to Intensive 1 encourages actors to practice the art of self-diagnosis. Students will utilize the tools they were i

+4950 pts
M.   Sep 15th - Nov 17th, 11am
Monday September 15 11am - 2pm 10 Sessions $495
Thursday September 18 6:30pm - 9:30pm 10 Sessions $495
Other Dates (2)

Seth Barrish is one of the most sought after acting teachers in the world. He directed the award-winning shows Sleepwalk With Me, The Tricky Part, Old Wicked Songs, and Good, among dozens of productions spanning a 30-year career Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, in regional theater and internationally.  Theaters include: The Intim

+49950 pts
M.F.Sa.Su.   Sep 22nd - Jun 29th, 6pm
All levels

In Acting 101, we will explore the foundations and fundamentals of acting technique through fun, interactive, and creative exercises. Students will study theater texts as well as different performance genres and styles. The class will include partner work, group activities, games, individual projects, leadership skill-building, creative decision-ma

+3500 pts
Th.   Sep 4th - Oct 23rd, 4:30pm
All levels

Students will learn traditional joke formulas, and various writing exercises.Class Location: All classes are held at 54th and Broadway, in the heart of the Theater District, which is easily accessible by subway. For the security of our students, the exact address of the studio will only be released to those confirmed as registered for a class.

+3990 pts
M.   Oct 6th - Nov 10th, 7pm
All levels

This is a great one day workshop for actors who are looking to really understand the business side of acting. This comprehensive and insightful seminar will cover a broad range of topics, including but not limited to: working with representation, networking, breaking into the business, and understanding the New York Entertainment market.Topics incl

+750 pts
Su.   Sep 28th, 12pm
All levels

Students will learn how to start a career in stand-up comedy and polish their skills for speaking engagements, writing, office presentations and other public appearances. Are you the funny person in your office? Always the life of the party? Do you wish you were the life of the party? Do you think you’re funny, but wonder if strangers w

+3990 pts
T.   Sep 2nd - Oct 7th, 7pm

Captivate your audience and advance your career through Grace Kiley's group classes. Acting that is truly alive in the actor is undeniably magnetic for the audience. Grace fosters an environment that encourages studious focus and unselfconscious freedom. Through working on monologues and film/theater scenes, the actor will learn to submerge into th

+3250 pts
M.   Sep 8th - Oct 27th, 6:30pm
All levels
Monday September 8 6:30pm - 9:30pm 8 Sessions $325
Monday November 3 6:30pm - 9:30pm 8 Sessions $325
Other Dates (2)

This class is a total immersion for students new to the technique, current studio members, or meisner- trained actors wishing to brush up or reinforce their foundation. Phase 1 starts off with the fundamental Meisner exercise called, “The Repetition Exercise.” The “Reality of Doing” is the foundation principle in the Sanford Meisner approac

+2800 pts
T.Th.   Sep 2nd - Sep 25th, 3pm
All levels
Tuesday September 2 3pm - 6pm 8 Sessions $280
Tuesday September 2 6:45pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $320
Thursday October 2 3pm - 6pm 8 Sessions $280
Thursday October 2 6:45pm - 10pm 8 Sessions $320
Other Dates (4)
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