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Katie Kapler, Founder

You know that song about the girl walking down the street singing ‘do-a-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do’? Katie's the one hurtling past that girl, stiff-arming the guy in the business suit, and jumping into a cab. Prior to her over-caffeinated NYC lifestyle, Katie grew up in Asheville, North Carolina. She attended NYU, majoring in Journalism and Economics. In the first week of her masters in Journalism, Katie was wooed away to work on a startup called Biz2Credit that solved the difficult problem of connecting small business owners to credit. She architected, managed the development of and launched the proprietary loan matching system that continues to help connect banks and small businesses. Then, in 2010, Katie left Biz2Credit to help create connections within another community—one made up of local learners and schools in New York City. In her spare time, you might find Katie sketching random objects, running (unless it’s too hot, too cold, too windy or too perfect a day to waste), defending Ollie from all the rougher dogs at the dogpark and burning microwave mac-and-cheese (never did take that cooking class!).

Nihal Parthasarathi, Founder

Nihal grew up poor on the streets of Agrabah, forced to steal food to survive with the aid of a small monkey companion named Abu, while somehow residing in a massive loft with sweeping panoramic views. … wait a second … sorry, wrong biography. Nihal actually grew up in Connecticut eating Archie Moore’s wings and New Haven pizza, and attended NYU, majoring in Finance and Marketing, while padding his stats with a minor in Creative Writing. After graduating, he did what any unqualified person wishing to exert unearned influence over key decision makers would do—he became a consultant. After a few awesome years as a management consultant for Capgemini, working on a major website redesign and learning management system implementation for a large provider of test-prep, Nihal realized how difficult it is for students to find and buy local classes. One phone call to Katie to talk through the idea, and CourseHorse was born. Nihal does his best to keep up with his universally ignored blog (even now, this shameless self-promotion will likely not result in a traffic spike—he’s monitoring carefully), to sample concoctions at the latest entrants into the NYC speakeasy scene, and to put unsportsmanlike speed and spin into his kickball pitches (Purple DeathViolets 2011!).

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