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Sub Testt 1 Training Coming up in New York

Learn how to be a dirty girl over the phone, in a text or in the bedroom!All students get a cheat sheet and our Dirty Talk Thesaurus and Mad Lib sheet! We cover how to start your dirty chat, what to say and how to find the perfect voice to do it in. But be prepared to laugh as you whisper and sigh your way through this fun and informative class!Pl

W.   Oct 22nd, 9pm

The holidays come to life with aromatic, long-lasting decorations for your door, table, or mantelpiece- fashioned from fresh pine, fir, boxwood, cedar, juniper, and arborvitae, and festooned with ribbons and bows. Materials List: Florist knife, wire cutter, scissors or other cutting utensil, a camera, and a box or bag to carry home your work. F

Su.   Dec 7th, 10am
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Paint, draw, sculpt or craft a work of art inspired by exhibitions on view with different themes each week. Workshop is held at The Bernard S. Schwartz Art Studio, located on the fourth floor of the museum.


The objective is to provide insights into the mind of buyers (ie what motivates them, how they create leverage, and their weak points) and the overall transaction process (ie securing approval/signoff, negotiation tactics and challenges). This course uses examples of actual transactions of digital assets over the past 15 years to illustrate what st


Learn the steps necessary to file a patent to protect your startup's IP in plain English. You will learn how to write proper invention disclosure and be provided with a template. Curious how to protect intellectual property and develop a strategy or how to make your startup more valuable with IP? This class will focus on IP introduction for startup


Join us to learn how to go from a “Product Delivery” organization to a “Product Discovery” organization. In this class, we will review how Second Market shifted their product team to discover the best products/features to pursue. Many products fail these days because there is little to no feedback from real customers before launch. Having a


In this focused and practical session, you will learn a foolproof way to write better, more useful job descriptions that result in better candidates. You will learn how to identify and take advantage of the best sources of candidates for your recruiting needs, how to run a lean, mean interviewing process, and why most typical interviews are a waste


Rather than this being about traditional linear storytelling this class will be about showing how to tell the story of your brand through digital experience. Storytelling is about creating a path for your customers, one that engages them in a more emotional way. We'll explore questions like:What is the narrative that the user experiences as they en


You've made something people want. Great - that's required before graduating to creating something people love. This course will provide guidelines for creating an enthusiastic following, examining the cult-like obsession with brands like Apple, as well as the instructor's own success growing reddit into the largest yet tightest community online, w


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and this class will help you determine whether or not taking control of your life is right for you. Is entrepreneurship right for you? Is now the time to make the leap? This class is designed to help those who are thinking about whether they should leave their jobs on how they can plan a dignified departure. It


In this class we will learn what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur. What did you learn from your successes? What about your mistakes? Is it a good idea to be putting your money at risk? And are there opportunities to buy rather than build? Entrepreneurship is never easy, but it’s always fun. Maybe you’ve built a great company and you want a


Your speaking and presentation skills can influence an outcome dramatically. In this highly focused class, Kelly Hadous will teach the art and science behind powerful public speaking. In addition, you will learn proven ways to eliminate the physical and psychological blocks, which prevent and hold us back from communicating with clarity and passion


Search Engine Optimization: it's not a marketing cure-all. It's not the province of spammers and content farmers. It is a great way to get the most out other marketing channels. Learn how awesome companies like AirBNB, OKCupid, and Mint used SEO to get the visitors they wanted, at a minimal marginal cost. This course focuses on fitting SEO into an


This course will provide an introduction to some of the methods and practices of prototyping: 1) Who should be prototyping? 2) Prototyping vs. wireframing. 3) The design philosophy of prototypes: reusable components and templates. 4) Collecting feedback on prototypes. Imagine having a proven, usable interface for your application or site before wri


Love getting likes on Vimeo but would rather see a check in the mail? Got over 9000 views on YouTube but can't figure out how to cash in? This course will cover the opportunities for making money with web-video, turning your artistic hobby into a profitable pastime. During the session, we will identify the video contests, content buyers and resourc


Learn how top entrepreneurs and project managers get the very best value from their software development budgets using principles from lean software development, extreme programming, and the broader agile software development movement. You've written a good RFQ and found just the right developer. How do you manage the process of going from specific


This course will cover how an early-stage startup can effectively outsource its operations. Outsourcing allows a startup to focus on its core competency, maintain an engineering focused culture and add leverage to every member of its team. Whether a company is just starting out and needs to scale its resources or is looking towards future expansio

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