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Using information and references gained from the world of fashion, we have developed a course to give hairdressers insider-knowledge of the latest trends. The styling and finishing ideas, combined with product usage, enable hairdressers to create quick and effective dressed looks straight from the catwalk. Fashion is linked seamlessly with hair, a

+10500 pts
M.T.   Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 10am

This class focuses on specific technical details that make the difference between an ordinary hairdo and a attention-grabbing appearance in the medium of hairstyling. Learn the latest secrets and styling tricks from working and award-winning professionals. In the freelance world, makeup artists are sometimes expected to do hair. This class is desig

+5990 pts
M.T.   Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 9am
All levels

Looking to challenge your creativity to see how far it can take you? Ever wondered how all those crazy, edgy hairstyles are made? Well here is the class for you. Joey Oso is the premier Avant-Garde Hairstylist, and has created countless Avant-Garde Hairstyles for print and runway. In this class he’ll share with you, all his tricks and techniques

+5990 pts
Th.F.   Aug 14th - Aug 15th, 9am
All levels

This class is an exciting, one-day experiential workshop for aspiring stylists who want to gain the hands-on experience of working on the set of a photo or video shoot. This class focuses on the skills and procedures stylists will need to know in order to work on in a studio or location setting, including; setting up, breaking down, client communic

+7750 pts
W.   Oct 8th, 10am
All levels

A girl's wedding day is the most important day of her life, and nothing will make that day more stressful for the bride than a bad hair day. In this class you will learn how, as a bridal hairstylist, you can ensure that your bride will have the best hair day of her life. This all begins with the expert consultation -- We will teach you the ins and

+7800 pts
F.Su.   Aug 1st - Aug 10th, 9am
All levels

This workshop is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. In the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, amazing talents and versatility is expected of makeup artists. You are expected to do the unexpected. Believe it or not, hair sty

+7800 pts
F.Su.   Aug 1st - Aug 10th, 6pm
All levels

Students enrolled in this class will learn the talent and skills of professional makeup artist to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. This workshop runs over 3 consecutive days, and consists of 18 total hours.The curriculum consists of the following:Styling techniques - curling, teasing, pin curlsStyling with French

+11450 pts
W.Th.F.   Jul 30th - Aug 1st, 11am
Wednesday July 30 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Thursday September 4 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Wednesday October 8 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Wednesday November 12 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Other Dates (4)

Improv 404 focuses on successfully using genre in performance. Genre parody is common in sketch comedy, but often avoided in performance improvisation. 404 provides a survey of the most common categories of genres/styles called for in ComedySportz performances and applies them to those games that use them most.Prerequisite: Improv 303

+2500 pts
Sa.   Nov 1st - Dec 13th, 3pm
All levels

This class teaches you strengthening and flexibility techniques to rock it out in your heels. Learn about what types of heels support you best, how to deal with foot problems related to heels, which heel accessories are worth your money, and much more.

+240 pts
Sa.   Aug 23rd, 2pm
All levels

Get step by step instructions to make your own Sleeveless Top. Then, learn to assemble your Top, attaching neck and armhole facings, interfacing, understitching, darts, topstitching, clean finish seams inside, various hand stitching, hem stitching, and more.Skills & Techniques: Tools and terminology Stitches: Regular stitch, topstitch, ba

+1990 pts
Th.   Aug 28th - Sep 18th, 6:30pm
All levels

This class is a one-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the art of styling, industry specific styling techniques, dressing different body types, building a basic fashion education and much more.Students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook, water, and light refreshments during this one-day course. Lu

+5750 pts
T.   Oct 7th, 10am

This class is a two-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the actual business of fashion and wardrobe styling. Students will learn how the business works, how to get started in the business, and more importantly- how to stay in the business.During this weekend course, students will be provided with many valuable

+6750 pts
Sa.Su.   Oct 4th - Oct 5th, 10am

This is an intensive, hands-on course, consisting of 116 in-class hours. This course is designed to teach you all the fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry, while extending your training to advanced artistry. Each instructional hour is 55 minutes. Students enrolling into this course should be prepared to complete extra projects and assignm

+45750 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Aug 4th - Sep 5th, 10:30am
Monday August 4 10:30am - 4:30pm 21 Sessions $4,575
Monday August 4 5:30pm - 10pm 21 Sessions $4,575
Monday September 8 10:30am - 4:30pm 22 Sessions $4,575
Monday September 8 5:30pm - 10pm 22 Sessions $4,575
Friday October 10 10:30am - 4:30pm 24 Sessions $4,940
Friday October 10 5:30pm - 10pm 24 Sessions $4,940
Other Dates (6)

Planning Prior to the CoursePreparing for Class - Logical Approach to Training Needs assessment Training Objectives Preparation Checklist Methods and Media for Instructional DeliveryAdult learningDelivery techniquesUsing Visual Aids Instructor Credibility and CommunicationPresentation Skil

+24291 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Aug 11th - Aug 15th, 9am
All levels
Monday August 11 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday September 8 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday September 29 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday October 20 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday November 17 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday December 1 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Other Dates (6)

In a relaxed four-session workshop, participants review the basics of grammar and punctuation, as well as engage in the process of writing: assignment/idea, pre-writing, writing and editing. Does the blank page keep you paralyzed in fear? Become more confident with your business writing. Exercises develop skills, so participants begin to write

+1950 pts
W.   Aug 6th - Aug 27th, 6pm
All levels
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