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Style Classes Coming up in New York

Using information and references gained from the world of fashion, we have developed a course to give hairdressers insider-knowledge of the

+10500 pts
M.T.   Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 10am

This class focuses on specific technical details that make the difference between an ordinary hairdo and a attention-grabbing appearance in

+5990 pts
M.T.   Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 9am
All levels

This class is a two-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the actual business of fashion and wardrobe s

+6750 pts
Sa.Su.   Oct 4th - Oct 5th, 10am

Students enrolled in this class will learn the talent and skills of professional makeup artist to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in th

+11450 pts
Th.F.Sa.   Sep 4th - Sep 6th, 11am
Thursday September 4 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Wednesday October 8 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Wednesday November 12 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145

Improv 404 focuses on successfully using genre in performance. Genre parody is common in sketch comedy, but often avoided in performance imp

+2500 pts
Sa.   Nov 1st - Dec 13th, 3pm
All levels

This class teaches you strengthening and flexibility techniques to rock it out in your heels. Learn about what types of heels support you be

+240 pts
T.   Sep 9th, 7:30pm
All levels

Learn about the art and science of recognizing what is about to become new and fabulous at different price points, as you explore how the ec

+1250 pts
Sa.   Oct 11th - Oct 18th, 12pm
All levels

This class is a one-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the art of styling, industry specific styling

+5750 pts
T.   Oct 7th, 10am

This class is an exciting, one-day experiential workshop for aspiring stylists who want to gain the hands-on experience of working on the se

+7750 pts
W.   Oct 8th, 10am
All levels

Adobe InDesign is the design industry’s standard layout program. Learn how to layout pages for presentations, magazines, and ads. Topics c

+6660 pts
Th.   Oct 16th - Nov 20th, 2pm

Lectures on fundamental concepts of business communicationEach week, a new topic is explored through lecture and writing exercise. The topic

+3500 pts
T.   Oct 7th - Nov 4th, 7pm
Tuesday October 7 7pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $350
Tuesday October 28 7pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $350
Thursday October 30 10am - 1pm 5 Sessions $350

This is an intensive, hands-on course, consisting of 116 in-class hours. This course is designed to teach you all the fundamentals and techn

+45750 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 8th - Oct 10th, 10:30am
Monday September 8 10:30am - 4:30pm 22 Sessions $4,575
Monday September 8 5:30pm - 10pm 22 Sessions $4,575
Monday October 13 10:30am - 4:30pm 22 Sessions $4,940
Monday October 13 5:30pm - 10pm 23 Sessions $4,940

In the Presentation Skills for Professionals seminar, participants will learn how to create and present high-impact presentations. The goal

+6250 pts
W.   Oct 8th, 9am
All levels

NLP is a method for modeling peak performance and excellence. In this 12 hour course you will learn to become a peak sales performer, incor

+3950 pts
M.   Nov 17th - Dec 8th, 7pm
All levels

Blog! Blog! Blog! What is it all about? Marisa Marcantonio, founder of design blog, editor and creative interior desi

+550 pts
F.   Oct 10th, 9:30am
All levels

In this course, students create a finished style and a cutters-must for production. If you have successfully completed Computer Patternmakin

+3950 pts
Su.   Oct 26th - Nov 9th, 10am

Planning Prior to the CoursePreparing for Class - Logical Approach to Training Needs assessment Training Objectives

+24291 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Sep 8th - Sep 12th, 9am
All levels
Monday September 8 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday September 29 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday October 20 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday November 17 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10
Monday December 1 9am - 5pm 5 Sessions $2,429.10

This series is intended for all who interested in an depth understanding of typical business reports and analysis using case study related

+2500 pts
Sa.   Sep 20th, 10am
All levels

In this last phase the topics of all four modules will come together to complete the bigger picture the of integrated solution focused coach

+15650 pts
Th.F.Sa.Su.   Oct 23rd - Oct 26th, 9am
All levels

Building on the fundamental skills learned in SketchUp I, participants will learn how to use shadows, light, textures, and other advanced di

+3330 pts
Th.   Oct 23rd - Nov 6th, 5pm
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