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Using information and references gained from the world of fashion, we have developed a course to give hairdressers insider-knowledge of the latest trends. The styling and finishing ideas, combined with product usage, enable hairdressers to create quick and effective dressed looks straight from the catwalk. Fashion is linked seamlessly with hair, a

M.T.   Oct 6th - Oct 7th, 10am

This class is a two-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the actual business of fashion and wardrobe styling. Students will learn how the business works, how to get started in the business, and more importantly- how to stay in the business.During this weekend course, students will be provided with many valuable

Sa.Su.   Oct 4th - Oct 5th, 10am

A girl's wedding day is the most important day of her life, and nothing will make that day more stressful for the bride than a bad hair day. In this class you will learn how, as a bridal hairstylist, you can ensure that your bride will have the best hair day of her life. This all begins with the expert consultation -- We will teach you the ins and

F.Su.   Oct 3rd - Oct 12th, 9am
All levels

This workshop is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. In the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, amazing talents and versatility is expected of makeup artists. You are expected to do the unexpected. Believe it or not, hair sty

F.Su.   Oct 3rd - Oct 12th, 6pm
All levels

Students enrolled in this class will learn the talent and skills of professional makeup artist to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. This workshop runs over 3 consecutive days, and consists of 18 total hours.The curriculum consists of the following:Styling techniques - curling, teasing, pin curlsStyling with French

W.Th.F.   Oct 8th - Oct 10th, 11am
Wednesday October 8 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Wednesday November 12 11am - 5:30pm 3 Sessions $1,145
Other Dates (2)

Improv 404 focuses on successfully using genre in performance. Genre parody is common in sketch comedy, but often avoided in performance improvisation. 404 provides a survey of the most common categories of genres/styles.Prerequisite: Improv 303

Sa.   Nov 1st - Dec 13th, 3pm
All levels

The ability to command a broad vocabulary of styles defines the professional floral designer. From romantic and English garden to landscape and cascade, understanding the foundation of these floral styles expands your design options, evokes specific moods, and helps create the perfect setting.  Materials List: Florist knife, wire cutter, sc

T.   Oct 21st - Nov 18th, 10:30am
Tuesday October 21 10:30am - 3pm 4 Sessions $589
Wednesday January 14 6:15pm - 9pm 6 Sessions $589
Monday February 23 10am - 2:30pm 4 Sessions $589
Other Dates (3)

The fun and beauty of floral decorating for the holidays is what this class is all about! Using the latest holiday containers and shapes and seasonal selections of flowers, branches, berries, mosses, and accessories from the New York City Flower Market, create two elegant and sophisticated arrangements. Materials fee of $90 due at registration. Pl

Th.   Dec 11th, 10am
All levels

Learn about the art and science of recognizing what is about to become new and fabulous at different price points, as you explore how the economy, political climate, and real estate create trends.This program is important to anyone in fashion who is responsible for designing or merchandising the next hot thing. Get answers to questions such as: Whe

Sa.   Oct 11th - Oct 18th, 12pm
All levels

Creating fresh arrangements that dry in place for long-lasting beauty has become a real design movement. Develop your technique using fresh yarrow, French lavender, statice, antique hydrangea, and roses that will dry in place for a life-like appearance with a burst of color. Leave class with three designs: modern, French country, and traditional.Ma

Th.   Mar 5th, 10am

This class is a one-day, classroom style workshop for aspiring stylists. This class focuses on the art of styling, industry specific styling techniques, dressing different body types, building a basic fashion education and much more.Students will be provided with a comprehensive workbook, water, and light refreshments during this one-day course. Lu

T.   Oct 7th, 10am

This class is an exciting, one-day experiential workshop for aspiring stylists who want to gain the hands-on experience of working on the set of a photo or video shoot. This class focuses on the skills and procedures stylists will need to know in order to work on in a studio or location setting, including; setting up, breaking down, client communic

W.   Oct 8th, 10am
All levels

This advanced hands-on class emphasizes the art of installing various protective styles: goddess, individual and invisible braids, kinky & Senegalese twists, silky & yarn Locs, and flat twist with extensions, basic sew in hair wefts, hair style maintenance, and how these styles work in the transitioning process. Students will perfect their

Sa.   Nov 22nd - Dec 20th, 12pm
All levels

Adobe InDesign is the design industry’s standard layout program. Learn how to layout pages for presentations, magazines, and ads. Topics covered in class include layout grids, styling text, importing photos, colors, adding multiple pages, threading text frames, paragraph and character styles, master pages, how to create files for print or web, an

Th.   Oct 16th - Nov 20th, 2pm

Lectures on fundamental concepts of business communicationEach week, a new topic is explored through lecture and writing exercise. The topics covered in this course include:You and the Audience: The value of good business writing. You—knowing how to present yourself. Audience—know your audience, picture yourself in their shoes. You and your aud

T.   Oct 7th - Nov 4th, 7pm
Tuesday October 7 7pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $350
Tuesday October 28 7pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $350
Thursday October 30 10am - 1pm 5 Sessions $350
Other Dates (3)

Become an effective and successful business communicator! Improve verbal and writing skills to best express ideas. nPractice the art of writing business letters, memoranda and reports. Learn the importance of styling, formatting, editing and proofreading documents. Understand how critical etiquette and communications are in business today. Employe

W.   Nov 5th - Dec 3rd, 6pm
All levels

This course sets the foundation for all future programs. Potential instructors learn the unique style class format, choreography, and how to use the tools: glide board, towels, resistance bands, small hand weights, and barre. Upon successful completion of the practical and written exams, the participant is permitted to teach the class format.Note:&

F.Sa.Su.   Nov 14th - Nov 16th, 4pm

Successful leadership starts with effective communication. In this course, students develop the communication strategies needed to motivate and persuade colleagues, employees and stakeholders. Through lecture, discussion and hands-on activities, students enhance their power by learning how to listen actively, target messages, influence an audience,

W.   Jan 28th - Apr 1st, 6:15pm
All levels

This is an intensive, hands-on course, consisting of 116 in-class hours. This course is designed to teach you all the fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry, while extending your training to advanced artistry. Each instructional hour is 55 minutes. Students enrolling into this course should be prepared to complete extra projects and assignm

M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 13th - Nov 14th, 10:30am
Monday October 13 10:30am - 4:30pm 22 Sessions $4,940
Monday October 13 5:30pm - 10pm 23 Sessions $4,940
Other Dates (2)

In the Presentation Skills for Professionals seminar, participants will learn how to create and present high-impact presentations. The goal is to prepare participants to be confident, respected, and inspiring every time they speak to an audience. This workshop introduces a revolutionary process that revitalizes one’s speaking style to achieve out

W.   Oct 8th, 9am
All levels
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