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In Twitter, you’ll create a profile for personal or professional use, how to tweet in 140 characters or less and connect with other users. More information is at program is free and open to all adults, with general seating. Pre-registration does not guarantee a seat.

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T.   Aug 5th, 11am
All levels

Student will have solid working knowledge of the major social media platforms for use in your professional and personal lives and a deep understanding of how to create content relevant to your audience on each platform as well. Over five weeks, students will determine the social media sites that matter, based on their personal and professional goa

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Th.   Sep 4th - Oct 2nd, 2pm

Participants will leave with a detailed understanding of both the current social media landscape and how to evaluate which tools or social platforms are the best fit for their organization's strategic goals. This bootcamp introduces students to the current social media landscape and explores how it can be used for maximum results (for brands as wel

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Sa.   Aug 16th, 10am

During this Social Media & Online Marketing Training we will be approaching the basic concepts behind the content for main Social Media Tools/Networks, being those WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and how -to make a Social Media Online Marketing Strategy based on them. You will be learning about: Facebook: How- to create fan

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Su.   Sep 14th, 11am
All levels
Sunday September 14 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday October 12 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday November 9 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Sunday December 14 11am - 1pm 1 Session $200
Other Dates (4)

TakeawaysLearn how to build a large Twitter following.Gain insights into your competitor’s marketing.Find out how to drive traffic from Twitter to your website.Learn how to discover people by interest and location.Find out how to automate many of these practices.

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W.   Aug 13th, 12pm
All levels

You’ll learn how to structure your social media efforts, deploy your resources, and ultimately launch a social media campaign that is professional and provides results you’ll be able to interpret and understand. Social media initiatives don’t start when you register a Facebook or Twitter account and start posting announcements, it begins much

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W.   Jul 30th, 6:30pm
All levels

Brand strategist Phil Pallen is in the house! And it’s time to talk specifics. How are you (yes, you) prepared to set your personal brand in motion? In this small, interactive three-hour workshop, you’ll develop a custom tailored plan with next steps to build and promote your personal brand effectively. This workshop is taught by NYC-based cast

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M.   Sep 22nd, 7pm
All levels

This course is expressly designed for parents who took time off from corporate America to raise their children, and are now getting ready to return. You’ve been home for a few years: What will you put on your LinkedIn profile? What will you say in interviews? Who will be willing to interview you? This course is for people who understand that

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Th.   Nov 6th, 6pm
All levels

Students will learn the essentials of internet marketing in today’s fast paced world of digital media. This course will examine various media tools to develop a strong web presence to increase awareness, drive traffic to the site, SEO optimization and generating interest/leads in your brand, products or cause you’re promoting. This class i

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M.W.   Nov 10th - Jan 14th, 6pm
All levels

This one day workshop is a comprehensive overview of all you need to know regarding running your own successful jewelry business. The workshop covers everything from jewelry design/portfolio presentation too jewelry business to registration, what type of business you are, marketing and advertising, including use of websites and social media, proper

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Su.   Aug 3rd, 11am

This course will help human resource professionals understand the role of the new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in employee and union relations. More and more, union effectiveness in organizing will be tied to the political environment. Legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act and the Secret Ballot Protection Act demonstrate an interes

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F.   Nov 14th, 9am
All levels

Got a great idea for a small business, but overwhelmed by the enormity of the undertaking? Maybe you’ve never taken a business class, but you’re sure your idea would change the world? Let’s get to work! This course is for all budding CEOs from 8 to 80 who have something of value to share with the world, and just need some organized guidance

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F.   Nov 14th, 9am
All levels

Students enrolled in this class will learn a number of techniques that will build confidence and practice business insight for a career in the beauty industry. Our Bridal Makeup and Business Basics Workshop is designed to provide the tools needed to start your own freelance business in makeup artistry. This curriculum is mixed with practical a

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M.T.W.Th.   Aug 18th - Aug 21st, 10:30am
Monday August 18 10:30am - 4:30pm 4 Sessions $1,695
Monday August 18 5:30pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $1,695
Monday September 22 10:30am - 4:30pm 4 Sessions $1,695
Monday September 22 5:30pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $1,695
Monday October 27 10:30am - 4:30pm 4 Sessions $1,695
Monday October 27 5:30pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $1,695
Monday December 8 10:30am - 4:30pm 4 Sessions $1,695
Monday December 8 5:30pm - 10pm 5 Sessions $1,695
Other Dates (8)

This workshop is a real training experience where you will have several opportunities to practice and polish your pitch with direct access to book publishing industry professionals, Hollywood, the media and others. As a writer, you will be equipped to pitch your book to get published, turn it into a film or TV series, and be able to talk about it c

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F.Sa.Su.   Nov 7th - Nov 9th, 6pm
All levels
Friday November 7 6pm - 9:30pm 3 Sessions $497
Friday November 7 6pm - 9:30pm 3 Sessions $797
Other Dates (2)

This workshop will help you improve your ability to generate excellent content to attract target customers, understand what impact your marketing activities are having on your business and optimize your digital marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness and growth. You'll walk away with 2-3 ideas you can immediately put into action and also have

+1500 pts
M.   Aug 18th, 9:30am
All levels
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