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Self Improvement Classes Coming up in New York

Students will leave this class with in-depth knowledge of the history of sustainability and be up to date on the most current sustainability thinking (including the understanding that such knowledge is ever-evolving). Both practical and conceptual issues will be discussed with the goal of developing sustainable practices in our daily and profession

+1350 pts
T.   Sep 16th - Oct 7th, 6pm

Methods drawn from the discipline of hypnosis offer us some of the easiest-to-learn and most effective techniques in mind/body transformation. In this class you will learn some of the most powerful ways of changing habituated patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. You will learn techniques to change negative emotional states and eliminate unhea

+1300 pts
Th.   Jan 8th - Jan 29th, 5:45pm
All levels

This intro class will begin to enhance your skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, flexibility and specificity – leading to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when speaking or presenting. Improvisation is not just something for actors and comedians. MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes. Why? The answer is t

+280 pts
T.   Sep 23rd, 6pm
All levels

In this course, we explore the foundational role of sexuality in the unfolding of the holistic structure of the human psyche. Through experientially based contemplative exercises we consider an expanded account of sexuality that does not reduce sexuality to the act of sex, but views it instead as life-force energy – the key for keeping us vitally

+3950 pts
Sa.Su.   Oct 18th - Oct 19th, 10am
All levels

One of the most powerful and complete means for awakening, healing and transformation is chakra practice. Central to the yoga tradition, chakras are spiritual, psychological and emotional energy centers that exist within the human subtle body. In this class we will explore the unique purpose and function of each chakra. Ideally each works in harmon

+1150 pts
W.   Jan 14th - Feb 4th, 6pm
All levels

“Do you ever wake up in the morning and ask yourself: “Am I in the right job?” “At the right company?” “On the right career path?” “Doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life?” If so, you are not alone,” writes Louis Efron, Forbes Magazine contributor.Numerous studies have shown that people dislike their jobs . Deloitte

+650 pts
Th.   Sep 18th, 6:30pm
All levels

Gently Yet Powerfully Resolve Problems and Facilitate Personal Change Used in an ongoing way, this is an amazing process that facilitates deep, lasting personal change. Like a subterranean spring that is released and cleanses the surface waters, this seminar offers specific methods for resolving problems and overcoming limitations. The experience o

+3950 pts
Sa.Su.   Jan 24th - Jan 25th, 10am
All levels

You are going to love how easy and meaningful The Bliss Seminar is at improving your relationships. Each session is practical, fun and amazingly life-changing. It's just packed with useful ideas anyone will find helpful for both marriage and parenting.You are going to love how easy and meaningful The Bliss Seminar is at improving your relationships

+390 pts
M.   Sep 1st - Oct 13th, 7pm
All levels
Monday September 1 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday September 8 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday September 15 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday September 22 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday September 29 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday October 6 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday October 13 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday October 20 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Monday October 27 7pm - 8pm 7 Sessions $39
Other Dates (9)

Class focus on sparring and intermediate level techniques. Note: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time. Doors close 15 minutes after scheduled class time. Students arriving after this time will not be admitted and the class will be considered a late cancellation.

+250 pts
W.   Sep 3rd, 8pm

Open Class is ideal for those with at least basic sailing skills. Open lessons are the most budget friendly way for individualized instruction. Come on down with an idea of what you want to work on and we'll help you achieve those goals.

+950 pts
Th.   Sep 4th, 5pm
All levels
Thursday September 4 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Friday September 5 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Saturday September 6 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Sunday September 7 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Thursday September 11 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Friday September 12 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Saturday September 13 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Sunday September 14 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Thursday September 18 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Friday September 19 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Saturday September 20 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Sunday September 21 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Thursday September 25 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Friday September 26 5pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $95
Saturday September 27 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Sunday September 28 1pm - 4pm 1 Session $95
Other Dates (16)

In this workshop, students will become the puppet masters of their own self-analytic strings. Alongside a mathematical and philosophical investigation into statistics, algorithms probability, we will track back casually through our memories.

+200 pts
Th.   Oct 23rd, 7pm
All levels

Here's where to start if you are interested in healing and restoring yourself with aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. Learn the basics of blending oils into your own skin care products or personalized fragrances for the home. Each student will create a decongestant inhaler and a custom-blend massage/bath oil from therapy-grade essential oi

+590 pts
T.   Jan 27th, 6pm
All levels

In this class, students will learn the basics of iaido, the traditional sword martial art of the samurai, using junior-sized bokken, or wooden practice swords. Classes will stress the core tenants of iaido - focus, discipline, and respect - in a fun and active environment.Note: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time. Doors cl

+250 pts
T.   Sep 2nd, 4pm
All levels
Tuesday September 2 4pm - 5pm 1 Session $25
Thursday September 4 4:30pm - 5:30pm 1 Session $25
Other Dates (2)

The full moon has long been a source of great power and mystery. Beautifully illuminating the night sky, our closest celestial neighbor gives us the opportunity to set positive intentions and initiate balance in mind, body, and spirit. It is an ideal time of the month to manifest change. As we create sacred space, we foster inner awakening and rene

+150 pts
Su.   Sep 7th, 8pm
All levels
Sunday September 7 8pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $15
Saturday October 11 8pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $15
Saturday November 8 8pm - 9:30pm 1 Session $15
Monday January 5 6:30pm - 7:30pm 1 Session $15
Other Dates (4)

Empower your life-force with Lunar energies from the Cosmos.Join Olivia Olkowski again outdoors in Nature to work with Mama Killa, Mother Moon. The New Moon helps us dive deep into our shadows, allowing us to connect with the feminine on a deeper level, and bring healing to aspects holding us back in life. Bring: A rattle or drum, somethi

+250 pts
F.   Sep 26th, 7:15pm
All levels

You are invited for a night of drumming "only drumming", playing with call backs, inspiration to find power songs. All are welcomed!Bring your favorite drum and let's get back into the groove of ceremonial drumming and chanting.If you don't own a drum let us know and we can save one for you, (limited to 8 drums) for those who don't have one. Need t

+250 pts
T.   Sep 30th, 7pm
All levels

Develop a deeply satisfying relationship with your unconscious mind, while you learn tools for tapping into this unlimited source of wisdom and new possibilities.Experience the transformative power of the unconscious mind, resolve inner conflicts and access deeper states of well-being.Whether you are working as a hypnotist or as a mental health pro

+3950 pts
Sa.Su.   Oct 11th - Oct 12th, 9am
Saturday October 11 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $395
Thursday October 30 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $395
Other Dates (2)

Cross train on the Hudson in this fun land-water workout with dynamic weight bearing and balancing. Our instructors will make sure your workouts are challenging and fun for your fitness level. Become beach clad and better fit for a wide variety of water sports.Note: You must be able to get up from seated position on the floor without assistanc

+400 pts
M.   Sep 1st, 6:15pm
Monday September 1 6:15pm - 7:15pm 1 Session $40
Wednesday September 3 6:15pm - 7:15pm 1 Session $40
Monday September 8 6:15pm - 7:15pm 1 Session $40
Other Dates (3)

Learn the basic techniques of core shamanism as you journey to meet your Spirit Guides and Power Animals.As we join our community in a sacred celebration of Spirit. Deepen your shamanic practice through drumming, chanting, and movement at our monthly Shamanic Circle. Please bring: A drum or a rattle, a pen & notepad, and a bandanna. You ma

+200 pts
F.   Sep 12th, 7pm
All levels

The chakras are energy centers in the emotional body through which the universal life force flows into the physical body. Jeff Migdow, MD, has spent the past 20 years exploring the chakra system. Join him for a deeply enriching experience this morning as we explore the anatomy of our chakras and their connection to our physical health, mental and e

+550 pts
Su.   Sep 14th, 10am
All levels
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