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Sculpture Classes Coming up in New York

Sculptural forms can be created using an astonishing array of methods. In this course, students will learn a variety of these methods and also learn about the human form. Students will deeply consider and bravely explore the infinite means to create new pieces of sculptural iconography. Diverse mediums, technologies and sizes are encouraged.Photo

T.   Nov 4th - Jan 13th, 4pm
All levels

Learn the basic traditional technique of terracotta sculpture, including clay-work skills, modeling, and handling the process of the clay from wet to dry then baked in a kiln. Through demonstration and individual instruction, students learn to make a complete sculpture in terracotta. This class is open to students of all levels. Sculpture in a vari

Sa.   Nov 8th - Jan 17th, 10am
All levels

Why be conventional? Visualize and produce different scale sculpture using unconventional and unusual materials for both creating and bounding. The course focuses on design principles, repetition, contrast, rhythm, balance, and movement. Photo courtesy of: Borinquen Gallo, Stitched Bridge, 2011, detail

Th.F.   Nov 6th - Jan 16th, 1pm
All levels

Students learn to incorporate new innovations with formal elements in anatomy, composition, form, space, values, and technical skills. This master class focuses on achieving the artist's intent. Individual instruction will be given along with class discussions and critiques. Students are encouraged to develop a critical eye and an objective approac

Th.   Nov 6th - Jan 15th, 6pm
All levels

Learn the fundamentals for creating a sculptural work, and gain extensive knowledge and familiarity with the technical aspects and methodology of creating. All mediums and processes will be considered, including wood, clay, aluminum, bronze, latex, foam, and plaster, along with light, sound, and kinetics. Wide-ranging experimentation will be encour

Th.F.   Nov 6th - Jan 16th, 9am
All levels

Sculpting directly in plaster is an exciting, immediate way to create a permanent artwork. Plaster allows the flexibility of softer modeling materials such as clay, and the capacity for detail and refi nement found in harder material such as stone.  Once mastered, plaster is liberating to work with, giving the artist the best qualities of se

Sa.Su.   Sep 20th - Sep 21st, 10am
All levels

Participants work without instruction from a long-term pose. The fee for this program includes models fee, clay and firing of a small scale terra cotta sculpture. Participants are welcome to draw or paint from the same pose. Materials and firing are included in monthly fee. Join at any time throughout the year. Register for the full month, and

Sa.   Oct 4th - Oct 25th, 9:30am
All levels
Saturday October 4 9:30am - 12:30pm 4 Sessions $120
Saturday October 4 9:30am - 12:30pm 1 Session $35
Saturday October 11 9:30am - 12:30pm 1 Session $35
Saturday October 18 9:30am - 12:30pm 1 Session $35
Saturday October 25 9:30am - 12:30pm 1 Session $35
Other Dates (5)

Explore the basics of flameworking borosilicate glass in this great introductory course. Classroom time will be dedicated to safety while becoming familiar with tools, equipment, and technique. There will be an emphasis on finding each student's individual voice with the material as we learn through repetition about advancing hand skills. Students

W.   Oct 15th - Nov 26th, 6:30pm

In this introductory class students will create glass sculptures through the kilnforming techniques of fusing, slumping, and simple open-faced mold making. The course begins with an introduction to the processes for fusing and slumping glass followed by the more extensive methods of mold making for kiln casting. Students will work on a variety of p

T.   Nov 4th - Dec 9th, 6pm
All levels

This intensive workshop consists of a demonstration and a lecture with hands on sculpting. The course is designed to acquaint the beginner with the basics of figurative sculpture while helping more advanced students deepen their understanding of the figure. Anatomy, proportion, gesture and form will be addressed as well as capturing a likeness to t

Sa.Su.   Oct 11th - Oct 12th, 10am
All levels

This introduction to sculpture will incorporate basic hand building techniques to create forms and figures in abstract, realistic, anthropomorphic, or animal shapes.  No previous experience is necessary. Focus will be on free-standing, non-functional sculpture.Price Options: Students in the adult classes will require their own tools. A be

M.   Nov 3rd - Nov 10th, 7pm
All levels
Monday November 3 7pm - 9pm 2 Sessions $150
Monday November 3 7pm - 9pm 2 Sessions $170
Wednesday November 5 7pm - 9pm 2 Sessions $150
Wednesday November 5 7pm - 9pm 2 Sessions $170
Other Dates (4)

Stuff, wrap, glue, sew! Whatever it takes to make a magical creature, a puppet that seems to come to life or a complete abstraction, you can count on the fantastic Luiza K, queen of soft sculpture, to be your child’s incredible guide!

Th.   Oct 2nd - Dec 4th, 4:30pm
All levels

This workshop consists of two parts: a demonstration and a two day intensive workshop. The basics of sculpted portraiture such as armature and tools will be addressed, in addition to the artistic nuances of capturing the essence of a specific person. During the demo the instructor will sculpt a portrait from the live model, and focus on the chal

Sa.Su.   Oct 25th - Oct 26th, 10am
All levels

You will learn basic modeling techniques, issues of form, figure/ground relationships, proportion, balance, movement and gravity. Students work in clay from a live model.In the first classes, students discuss Gaudier-Brzeska’s one-page history of art from Egypt to Epstein. Students are asked to memorize the first three sentences: “Sculptural

Sa.   Sep 20th - Dec 6th, 10am
All levels

Focus on problem solving and experimental approaches to printmaking. Create images inspired from any medium, including sewing, welding, casting, painting, or sculpture. Learn to shape plates and print on unconventional materials (foil, plastic, and textile), and venture into large-scale format and printing without the press. No previous printmaking

M.T.W.   Nov 3rd - Jan 14th, 9:30am
All levels

Students will deveolp new methods and experiment with new media technology to develop a coherent, gallery-ready body of work. Focusing on the transformative qualities of unconventional sculpture materials, students use inexpensive, even disposable materials to transform the ordinary and familiar into the extraordinary. Students will be introduced

M.T.W.   Nov 3rd - Jan 14th, 9am
All levels
T.   Sep 30th - Nov 4th, 7pm
Tuesday September 30 7pm - 10pm 6 Sessions $260
Tuesday November 11 7pm - 10pm 6 Sessions $260
Other Dates (2)

Explore the art of clay sculpture by joining this clay workshop! You will learn how to mold and manipulate clay into forms and shapes creating your own 3 dimensional critters. Each week will focus on a different animal, teaching students how to create fundamental shapes and techniques.

Sa.   Oct 18th - Nov 8th, 11am
All levels

In this class children will have fun exploring the entire process of art making with clay, from a block of clay to a finished piece. Participants are given the creative space and individual coaching to create objects such as fantasy sculptures,animals, boxes, bowls or other functional objects. Supplies included. Maximum enrollment is 10 students pe

T.   Oct 28th - Dec 16th, 4pm
All levels

In this class we will concentrate on all construction techniques for making vessels, sculptures, wall pieces and tiles. Glazing and painterly surface techniques will be explored in order to enhance and embellish the forms. Personal projects are encouraged and one on one help given as well as class demonstrations. All levels welcome.

Th.   Oct 30th - Dec 18th, 2:30pm
All levels
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