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Sculpture Classes Coming up in New York

Learn to sculpt expressive, anatomically accurate horses with the aid of live models of all shapes, colors, and sizes right in-studio!

+2100 pts
T.   Apr 22nd, 7pm
All levels
Tuesday April 22 7pm - 10pm 1 Session $210
Tuesday April 22 7pm - 10pm 1 Session $60
Other Dates (2)
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Through the making of this small steel cube, you will learn a tremendous set of skills that can used to make anything in metal.

+2150 pts
Th.   Apr 24th, 7:15pm
All levels
Thursday April 24 7:15pm - 11:15pm 1 Session $215
Saturday April 26 11:15am - 3:15pm 1 Session $215
Thursday May 1 7:15pm - 11:15pm 1 Session $215
Thursday May 15 7:15pm - 11:15pm 1 Session $215
Saturday May 17 11:15am - 3:15pm 1 Session $215
Thursday May 22 7:15pm - 11:15pm 1 Session $215
Saturday May 24 11:15am - 3:15pm 1 Session $215
Other Dates (7)

Working with a live model for portraiture and full-figure pieces, gain skills in depicting the human form in clay. Both long and short poses will be offered, with some pieces created as exercises and some taken to completion and fired.

+2600 pts
W.   Apr 30th - Jun 4th, 10am

This beginning/intermediate level class will focus on making tiles and slab work. We will also explore stamped and resist patterns plus other decorative techniques.

+2950 pts
Th.   May 8th - Jun 26th, 2:30pm
All levels

Learn special techniques of coloring porcelain/stoneware mix clay—guaranteed to bring out the alchemist in you!

+1900 pts
F.   May 9th - May 30th, 10am
All levels
Friday May 9 10am - 1pm 4 Sessions $190
Friday June 6 10am - 1pm 4 Sessions $190
Other Dates (2)

This class is an introduction to solid sculpting that will focus on life sized interpretations of the formally revealing and technically demanding process of sculpting the human hand and foot.

+3500 pts
Sa.Su.   May 17th - May 18th, 9am

This hands-on intensive workshop will introduce essential candle making tools, materials and techniques. Student will learn about waxes, dyes and simple mold making solutions. Each student will create a candle to take home.

+800 pts
Sa.   May 17th, 1pm

Students attending this class will learn the basics of how to work with silver clay in this introductory workshop.

+900 pts
Su.   May 18th, 12:30pm
All levels

This hands-on intensive workshop will introduce essential papier mâché techniques. Student will learn the necessary tools, materials and techniques to make papier mâché sculptures.

+800 pts
Sa.   May 31st, 1pm

You will learn the technique of modeling small sketches in clay from perception.

+16250 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Jun 2nd - Jun 13th, 9am
All levels

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Offer fresh possibilities to students of both painting and sculpture.

+16250 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Jun 16th - Jun 27th, 9am
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A five-day survey in glass allows an overview of the material, with masters of mash-up, John Drury and Robbie Miller.

+8000 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.   Jun 16th - Jun 20th, 10am

TIG allows the learner to see exactly what is going on as a weld is executed, up close and without being showered in splatter.


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This two hour class, which should be a pre-requisite for most Madagascar Institute classes, will teach you the basics of how to effectively prepare materials using our equipment. You’ll learn to send sparks flying with grinders and cutters, make ridiculous amount of noise and smoke out the other artisans in the shop. Oh, and there are safety tips.


Impress your friends, your older brother, and that cute bartender with your tough new skill. This 3 hour introductory class focuses on the hands-on experience of welding. MIG welding is the handy hot glue, do-all, kind of welding. All sorts of people have come thru Madagascar Institute knowing nothing about a shop and have become capable metal workers-- get your star

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