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Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger's workshop will teach you more than just great writing. It will prepare you to make writing a permanent part of your life. Along the way, you’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block, self doubt, procrastination, and other obstacles to build the writing life you have always wanted for yourself. Whether yo

+3500 pts
M.   Aug 4th - Aug 25th, 7pm
All levels
Monday August 4 7pm - 10pm 4 Sessions $350
Monday September 8 7pm - 10pm 4 Sessions $350
Monday October 6 7pm - 10pm 4 Sessions $350
Other Dates (3)

Blueprint Screenwriting is a writing workshop specifically designed for screenwriters who are serious about writing every week AND finishing their pilot or feature script.With a class size of 8 or fewer, individual attention is given to each student as I help you work through outlining, character building, story development, conflict enhancement, a

+2400 pts
W.   Aug 6th - Sep 24th, 6:30pm
All levels

In 1897 Joseph Conrad wrote: “My task is to make you hear, to make you feel – and, above all, to make you see. That is all, and it is everything.” When he wrote these words Conrad was obviously not talking about screenwriting but he could have been because this is exactly what a screenwriter should strive for.This course is intended for thos

+3750 pts
T.   Sep 23rd - Oct 28th, 6pm
All levels

Everyone has a story to tell. We go to the supermarket and come home with a desire to tell the tale of the woman with a shopping cart full of cake. We wake up bursting with the details of the strange dream we just had. The craving for great storytelling is in our DNA. By combining writing prompts, lectures on great character writing, goal setting a

+6000 pts
T.   Oct 14th - Nov 25th, 6:30pm
All levels

Whether you’re writing the tiniest indie film, or the biggest Hollywood blockbuster, succeeding as a writer means learning how to get your visual sequences onto the page as dramatically as you see them in your head. Learn the secrets of grabbing your reader’s attention from the very first image, and getting your most powerful visual sequences o

+3500 pts
W.   Aug 6th - Sep 3rd, 7pm
All levels

Learn to tap into your deepest instincts as a writer, and connect to your writing at its creative source. This 5 week series of 2 hour meditative writing sessions will help you break through writers block, so your writing, and unique voice, can flow effortlessly. Designed for writers of all genres, including Screenwriters, Playwrights, Novelists &

+3500 pts
W.   Jul 30th - Aug 27th, 7:30pm

Brush up on the basics of screenwriting with a fast-paced combination of lectures and writing exercises that let you immediately try your hand at what you've just learned. The One-Day Intensives are fun, fast-paced immersions in a type of writing. You’ll get a mixture of brief lectures that hit the high-points and writing exercises that let you i

+1500 pts
Su.   Aug 10th, 11am
Sunday August 10 11am - 6pm 1 Session $150
Monday September 8 10am - 5pm 1 Session $70
Other Dates (2)

The goal is to finish the course with a first draft of an original screenplay. The New York Film Academy has distilled the essential elements from the world's best screenwriting programs to create a super-intensive screenwriting workshop. It is designed for individuals with little or no screenwriting experience who are ready, willing, and able to w

+33000 pts
M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.   Sep 8th - Nov 8th, 9:30am
All levels

The goal is to finish the course with a first draft of an original screenplay. The New York Film Academy has distilled the essential elements from the world's best screen writing programs to create a 12 week evening screenwriting workshop.It is designed for individuals with little or no screenwriting experience who are ready, willing, and able to w

+28000 pts
M.T.Th.   Sep 15th - Dec 4th, 7pm
All levels
Monday September 15 7pm - 9:30pm 36 Sessions $2,800
Monday January 12 7pm - 9:30pm 36 Sessions $2,800
Other Dates (2)

In this class, students will learn the significant structures of screenwriting and by the end will have a complete first draft of their screenplay. If you have had a great idea for a screenplay for years, you can write and have a good eye for a story but you just can't seem to get from concept to finished product, what you is need an in-depth look


Focusing on developing the concept of screenwriting, this course helps students sharpen their skills and work toward completion of saleable screenplay. Writers often repeat Screenwriting II to continue their projects.Work toward completion of a feature-length screenplayLectures and exercises that expand on basics of screenwriting craftEngage in rew


Jessica will coach you on which ideas are good for which mediums, how actors can create compelling protagonists that are right for them as actors, how to focus your ideas, what makes scripts "sellable", writing exercises to get your "writer brain" working, and much more. Our new screenwriting intensive is perfect for actors who want to create their


Brush up on the fundamentals of screenwriting with a combination of lecture, exercise and critique; begin a feature-length screenplay and receive instructor and peer feedback. Screenwriting I is for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Using a balance of lecture, exercise, and feedback on work from the instructor and class


Students will collaborate on creating individual half-hour scripts for a current television sitcom. Everyone will be encouraged to participate, pitch ideas, and punch up jokes. There are no bad ideas. The sitcom writing experience is different from any other type of creative writing. This intensive weekend course is for writers without professional


Screenplays demand a specific structure. In this seminar students will begin with an idea and during the first five sessions build a coherent treatment of the events and major emotional arcs of the film's three acts. In the final five sessions students will begin and complete the first act and an outline of their feature length screenplay.Topics t

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