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RiSE Dance Company

This New York City-based dance school offers lessons in Salsa, Hip Hop, Belly Dance and Zumba. Their mission is to enrich lives by helping people discover a meaningful and rewarding lifestyle of dance.

For people who dance regularly, it becomes a way of life. Based on this understanding, they strive to collectively express the following principles in their actions.

1. Dance brings people together.
Dance has a way of breaking down barriers and connecting people with one another. They recognize and celebrate this kinship by making their company a home to a community.

2. Good is not great.
Good is never good enough and the enemy of greatness. All too often individuals and organizations are easily satisfied with being good and never actualize their full potential. They will not settle for being a place that has good instruction, but aim to have a great staff and a great program that doesn’t produce good dancers, but great dancers.

3. Creativity is a culture.
Great ideas thrive in a creative environment that allows for the freedom to experiment and rewards innovation. Inspiration comes from being in a place where you’re surrounded by others doing creative activity.

4. Create an experience and you will make somebody's day.
Learning is experiential. Engage peoples hearts and you will also reach their minds. Successful events excite and connect with them on an emotional level. People who have an experience are more than just satisfied. They are thrilled.

5. You don't know what you're missing.
It is a sin to keep a good thing to themselves. The world needs to know what a good time they are having.

At the heart of this dance school is the curriculum. It is designed to take the person with zero capability in dancing to an advanced level. The end game of the curriculum is to equip students with a mastery of their art. While many schools focus on teaching a specific style, this school wants them to discover their own style. Their program is constantly being refined for the purpose of preparing their students to go out and express themselves on the dance floor in as little time as possible.

1. Drills-based
Physical activities are internalized through repetition. Their teaching methods embed the moves into your muscle memory through drills, enabling students to execute the moves automatically.

2. Develop a repertoire
While other schools teach students to memorize routines, they focus on building a dancers repertoire and natural ability. They want students to master a handful of moves at every level before advancing to the next.

3. Practice makes permanent
Studio practice time and group practice sessions forms an important part of the curriculum. Practice is the most important activity of becoming a good dancer. A dancer must practice his or her craft in order to improve. Technical skills require the dancer to maintain his or her edge. Like an athlete of any sport, a dancer must stay physically fit in order to execute difficult moves with grace and ease.

4. Effectiveness
Their program must teach students in an efficient manor and must constantly be improved to better achieve this aim. Teachers of the curriculum must be effective in helping students internalize the curriculum.

5. Relevant
The dance scene is constantly evolving. Without becoming swayed by short-term fads, the school's curriculum must evolve in order to reflect changes in the social dance scene. Their students are up to date and are practitioners of what is current and compatible. The methods that they use to teach must also be relevant to today’s generation and the direction our society is going. The needs of the dancer changes as they grow.

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