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New York Jazz Academy

New York Jazz Academy is the fastest-growing music school in New York City. We offer the highest quality music instruction to New York City students of all ages. Recognizing the lack of opportunity among many NYC students to play in school jazz ensembles, the New York Jazz Academy offers low-cost weekly big band rehearsals, sectionals, jam sessions, and jazz improvisation seminars to students from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and beyond. In addition to group lessons and ensembles, NYJA also offers private music lessons in your home. Adult students are also welcome to take private lessons and attend NYJA adult education classes.

Repertoire choices and general music styles can contribute to a lack of interest or desire among music students. If a student is playing enjoyable material, motivation can remain high. Learning jazz takes effort and work, but it sure can be fun! Jazz music is an art that explores complex harmony, melody, and rhythm while balancing printed notation with improvisation. A student who develops a strong foundation in jazz is well-equipped to play nearly every style of music in the world, including rock, pop, salsa, most classical music, new music, and other music from around the world. Jazz remains entirely relevant in today's society, and it speaks to many in a very direct and moving way. While we at NYJA firmly support classical music study, we believe that there is a wealth of opportunity for growth that stems from the study of jazz music. Classical music study will often help a student reach a level of the highest technical proficiency, and for this reason, NYJA stresses a "cross-training" curriculum in private lessons that incorporates valuable classical repertoire into each student's course of study in jazz.

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