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Mia Chef Gelateria

Mia Chef Gelateria is a high-end New York based culinary institute specializing in artisanal gelato.

Our mission as a sustainable corporation guides us in our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

We are dedicated to making the most natural sophisticated product while respecting individuals and the environment by working with local farms and businesses.

On the culinary battleground of frozen desserts   artisanal gelato has given ice cream and frozen yogurt a run for its money.

Beyond its deliciousness, artisanal gelato is the   healthier and leaner alternative, using less cream and sugar than ice cream and no artificial ingredients like used in most frozen yogurt.

Our gelato is prepared in house daily by our resident chef. With over a thousand different recipes created to perfect the artistry in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, we provide elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected.

We make our gelato using the finest quality all natural ingredients, including fresh milk and cream from local farms.

Our flavors encompass a variety of tastes both traditional and modern, spanning the flavor spectrum from Pure Sicilian Pistachio,Stracciatella, Raspberry Panna Cotta to the spirit-infused Figs & Tequila, Chocolate Whiskey Truffles and Crème Brulee.

For vegans and lactose-intolerants, we offer our fruity Sorbets like Blood Orange, Mojito, Berry Mix, etc. We also created unique vegan gelato recipes that are Soy- and Almond-Milk based.

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