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Professional Training Coming up in New York

The 8 Hour SSM course is a shortened version of the 40 Hour Site Safety Manager Course for Licensed Professional Engineers, Registered Architects, and Construction Supervision or Safety Professionals. This course is for experienced professionals interested in registering as Construction Superintendents, Site Safety Managers, or Site Safety Coordina

Sa.   Oct 11th, 8am
All levels
Saturday October 11 8am - 4pm 1 Session $295
Saturday November 8 8am - 4pm 1 Session $295
Saturday December 6 8am - 4pm 1 Session $295
Other Dates (3)

We are often judged by our ability to use language that is grammatically correct. In this course, students improve their grammar through targeted oral and written communication exercises. Activities and strategies are customized to meet specific professional and communication needs. Students build confidence as they develop their ability to refine

W.   Jan 28th - Apr 1st, 6:15pm
All levels
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This advanced lecture and demonstration course develops techniques for classroom teaching preparation of lesson plans, the use of visual aids and other materials and public speaking methods. Improve your teaching skills. Students demonstrate sample lessons to the class as a form of practice teaching. Tuition includes course training materials.Pre-

T.   Feb 3rd - Mar 31st, 6pm

Students will learn the importance of creating a positive and professional impression using good telephone and e-mail skills. First impressions are critical for business success. Customers form impressions through telephone conversations and e-mails. You have only one chance to create a positive impression.

Sa.   Nov 15th, 10am
All levels

You will learn the principles of defensive driving and behind-the-wheel instructional techniques. Traffic rules and regulations will be reviewed. Learn from the best—and then teach the rest. This course is for professional driving instructors or those wishing to enter the field. This course meets the requirements of the New York State Department

T.   Oct 28th - Jan 13th, 6pm

This course will provide participants with national certification by the College Reading and Learning Association along with the principles of quality tutoring and the fundamentals of starting a tutoring business. Professional tutors are in demand at all grade levels. Certification is an important asset for gaining employment. This course will prov

M.W.   Nov 12th - Dec 1st, 6pm
All levels

ICD-10 is scheduled to be fully implemented as the only reimbursement system for medical facilities nationwide. This course will serve as a transition course for those previously trained or with sufficient experience in using ICD-9.Pre-requisites:Computerized Billing and Clinical Practice or prior experience in using ICD-9.

M.W.   Oct 20th - Nov 12th, 6:45pm
All levels

The Winterim Professional Intensive is designed to provide current and future design professionals with the unique chance to receive in-depth training in the principles of classical design, in both its technical and artistic dimensions. Professionals and educators currently active in the field of traditional design instruct students in the followin

M.T.W.Th.F.Sa.Su.   Jan 2nd - Jan 10th, 9am

A blend of agile methodologies and scrum practices, Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification is offered to professionals who are experts in agile and scrum methodologies. Simplilearn offers Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification training courses through blended model. Achieve Professional Agile and Scrum Master Certification to

Th.F.   Oct 16th - Oct 17th, 9am
All levels
Thursday October 16 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $799.20
Saturday October 25 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $999
Thursday November 13 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $749.25
Saturday November 22 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $999
Thursday December 11 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $999
Saturday December 20 9am - 5pm 2 Sessions $999
Other Dates (6)

As a skilled certified pharmacy technician (CPhT), you may perform some or all of the following tasks: receive written prescription requests from patients and receive prescriptions sent electronically from doctors’ offices. In some cases, you may process physicians orders by phone, read the prescription, retrieve, count, pour, weigh, measure, and

Th.   Oct 16th - Dec 11th, 6pm
All levels

This intro class will begin to enhance your skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, flexibility and specificity – leading to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when speaking or presenting. Improvisation is not just something for actors and comedians. MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes. Why? The answer is t

M.   Oct 20th, 7pm

This three week class will enhance your skills in public speaking, focused listening, responding, flexibility and specificity – leading to greater confidence and lower inhibitions when speaking and presenting. Improvisation is not just something for actors and comedians. MBA Students are being asked to take improv classes. Why? The answer is the

W.   Oct 22nd - Nov 5th, 6pm
All levels
Wednesday October 22 6pm - 7:30pm 3 Sessions $89.10
Wednesday October 22 8pm - 9:30pm 3 Sessions $89.10
Monday December 1 8pm - 9:30pm 3 Sessions $99
Monday December 1 6pm - 7:30pm 3 Sessions $99
Other Dates (4)

This exciting two-day course will introduce Human Resource Auditing concepts and practices to the HR professional. HR Audits are a means of avoiding legal and/or regulatory liability that may arise from a company’s HR practices and policies. In addition to identifying areas of legal risk, audits often are designed to provide a company with infor

Th.F.   Oct 30th - Oct 31st, 9am

Students enrolled in this class will learn all the fundamentals & techniques of makeup artistry. This class accommodates the aspiring artist or, the pro artists who want to brush up on their current makeup skills.The 4-week program consists of the following:History of makeup artistry - who, what & whenHygiene & prepping techniquesFound

M.T.W.Th.F.   Oct 13th - Nov 7th, 10:30am
Monday October 13 10:30am - 4:30pm 17 Sessions $3,624
Monday October 13 5:30pm - 10pm 20 Sessions $3,624
Monday November 17 10:30am - 4:30pm 20 Sessions $3,295
Other Dates (3)

Get the business writing skills to compose powerful, professional documents and emails that get attention and prompt action. Build on the business writing fundamentals, apply practical writing techniques that will give you the flexibility to write skillfully in different contexts for multiple readers. Explore variation in word choice and organizati

T.   Nov 18th, 9am

Students attending this class will understand indices and how to use them in trading. This course offers students a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the market, giving class participants the type of knowledge necessary to maximize their earnings potential. With 50% of the class time devoted to live market demonstrations, students will

M.T.W.Th.   Oct 6th - Oct 9th, 9am
All levels
Monday October 6 9am - 5pm 4 Sessions $3,199
Monday October 13 9am - 5pm 4 Sessions $3,199
Monday October 20 9am - 5pm 4 Sessions $3,199
Monday October 27 9am - 5pm 4 Sessions $3,199
Other Dates (4)

Learn the physical and behavioral signs of child abuse and maltreatment. You will learn about mandated reporting and how to carry out your professional responsibilities.

Su.   Nov 16th, 9:30am
All levels

A class designed for entry-level healthcare professionals. The course includes key infection control concepts and regulations surrounding nfection control practices in New York State.

Sa.   Dec 13th, 10am
All levels

Students will learn basic plumbing techniques that will not only save time and money, but give the satisfaction of having done it without professionals.

Sa.   Dec 6th - Dec 20th, 10:30am

This two-hour workshop provides healthcare professionals with training for licensure renewal, thus meeting the requirements of the Mandatory Infections Control Program for re-registration and licensing in New York State. Topics include infection control regulations, enforcement of infection control standards, quality assurance and professional

Th.   Nov 6th, 7pm
All levels
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